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    Meta Plays Monthly #4

    You may play, but be wary of the no-smurf policy we have in place. if we suspect you are a smurf you could be removed from the tournament and forfeit any prize money. However if you are not a smurf you have nothing to fear
  2. Sup guys, just wanted to make a quick topic about the meta on voobly right now. General tier list below (can change over time) 1v1s only, not TGs. Tier 1: Zeus/Ra/Set/Odin/Oranos Tier 2: Hades/Poseidon/Isis/Kronos Tier 3: Thor/Gaia/Loki Odin is a big upset right now, i personally think he is very good vs greeks and attys ofcourse, even zeus, but his matchup against anubis struggles alot. Curious to hear other people's input.
  3. probably unpin this topic, the mod is no longer supported
  4. sure shes not tier 1 god but i dont think shes that bad vs isis and ra thor/odin on low hunt/water is often favorable aswell, and on medit gaia is killer against all norse. arguably odin on 3.0 voobly patch is abit harder for gaia, but in a general sense its not that bad
  5. You mean like, build order? Overall, maps outside of the standard 10 arent really played, thus not considered for balance. The meta for chinese build order isnt really explored deep yet, but u can generally aim for a 4:30 advance with 1 garden, going through huang di most of the time. May be abit difficult and turn it into a 4:45 on a low hunt map. Maps that favor Fu Xi, are water maps, aswell as high herdable maps such as oasis and ghostlake from what i find so far.
  6. that no-one enjoys playing/learning the chinese civ.
  7. some recs for azarath on Triple Tech Dumpsterfire cant really consider any of these ordinary games so not sure where to put them lol savegame.zip
  8. Yea you can set that in the EE hotkeys (if it doesnt break)
  9. Thats how ive got things setup, and so do many other higher level players ?
  10. Hey man, welcome to the forums good to see you here, your advanced editor is been my longest subscribed mod so far
  11. This mod is all anyone could ever want in life. All myth units, relics, godpowers and god techs are now perfectly balanced. ( Kappa ) do try it some time https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1409805995&tscn=1531994712
  12. Its indeed extremely difficult to deal with. what i like to do is play it like you would vs an athena rush, so wall chip your towers and try to raid him as much as possible get a decent heroic timing with skadi, and push for your 2nd goldmine. if you can pick off enough vills with your raiding you should be in the clear.
  13. i think volleymode is just so that the arrows shot at the same time, dont follow the same trajectory than the first. also secondary shots (or more) do not follow track rating, and as such much more often just miss. (a tc with 10/10 tracking always misses 1 of the arrows on a moving target)
  14. ye it is, i adressed this in the balance mod by reducing the fire lance base speed from 4 to 3.6
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