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  • Creators in this program have contributed significantly to either Meta Plays or a game we support.

    These folks aid Meta Plays and our events by utilizing their own media to reach as wide an audience as possible.
    In return, we offer several perks, such as access to our event hosting systems, priority access to key matches and crediting across all our media.

    Have you got what it takes? Apply as a content partner now!
  • Boit
    Content Partner

    Tim "Boit" Voutas has been uploading Age of Mythology casts and gameplay since 2012 to YouTube, organising and participating in community events in order to bring nostalgic to some and entertainment to others.

    He is a professional Jazz Piano player which luckily (or unluckily) means he gets enough time on the side to create content for Age of Mythology. You can check out his stuff on Spotify or YouTube Music.

    Content Partner

    AoL_Iron_maiden is addicted to AoM. He is a life-long fan and player of the "Age of" game series. For some reason, Age of Mythology was the specific "Age" iteration that captured him.

    Since the early days of AoM, Iron has been a top-tier Vanilla AoM player, AoL clan leader, RTS-Sanctuary & Voobly staff member, and host of many tournaments.

    These days, in his spare time, Iron focuses on Twitch and YouTube. He plays and casts AoM, and has established his persona as bombastic (and as Iron, himself, says) "hopefully" entertaining. The community knows Iron to be an enthusiast of craft beer, extreme metal, and languages.

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