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Moderator Applications


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  • Project Director

We are always looking for Moderators on the site as well as social media! 

Please provide the following information - APPLY HERE:

  • Your history as a moderator on social platforms.
  • What platforms you would like to moderate on (site, twitch, discord, youtube etc)
  • Proof of your identity - a DM from your social media for example.
  • Your motivation as to why you would like to join us.

If your application is accepted, we will provide: 

  • Moderator access on the applicable platforms.
  • Credits on our Staff page.

Our expectations:

  • You must conduct moderation in a professional manner, enforcing our moderation standards (guidelines will be provided).
  • A helpful attitude towards the community.
  • Abuse of power will result in termination of your moderator access.
  • A little bit of presence every month. We don't expect you to always have time for this work.


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