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  • Nakamura
    Project Director

    Nakamura is the founder of Meta Plays. He is involved in development management, as well as hosting and casting events.

    He is a professional game designer since 2014, having worked on: Total War: Warhammer 2 and 3, Halo Wars 2, and Age of Mythology.

    Nakamura enjoys science fiction and fantasy in all forms of media, and is interested in science.

    In his free time, he also plays RTS games competitively and casts matches on his personal channels.


    PF2K is Meta Plays' lead visual designer who does most of the artwork you see on the website, as well as streaming assets and promotional artwork.

    He is also one of the Lead Developers of Project Celeste, the fan-based resurrection of Age of Empires Online. He's a big fan of RTS games and plays them competitively from time to time.

    He is also a six-time Hearthstone Legend, but prefers not to talk about it too often.


    Legend is a professional web and software developer at Meta Plays. He is also managing Halo Wars 2 events for Meta Plays.

    In his free time, Legend enjoys competitive RTS gaming, but also dabbles in other genres, such as Mobas and RPGs.

    Notable gaming achievements: 

    • Tribal Wars Hall of Fame player, winning the Arabic World 2.
    • One of the best Age of Mythology DM players. Winner of Nakamura's DM Cup 2019 Dec 14.
    Media Manager

    Community Manager (AoM)

    Community Manager (HW2)

    Hosticide lives and breathes Halo Wars 2. Casts Halo Wars 2 for Meta Plays since Season One.

    Hosti also is The Esports analyst for Breaking the Clutch, Talent (Hard Carry) at Team Respawn, Former Caster & Organizer for the Halo Wars Championship League for four seasons, Former Caster for Halo Wars Tournament Central, and an independent coach, all for Halo Wars 2.

    He has reached #1 Champion on Ladder all time high, but who hasn't? 20% Kinsano Pick Rate, and dares you to counter-pick Forge. Average Meme Enjoyer. Practicing to be an AoE IV competitor.

    Project Manager

    Olvadi is a manager for Meta Plays, managing events for Age of Empires IV, SpellForce 3 and Warcraft 3.

    At the moment he studies history and German to one day become a teacher.

    His favorite RTS is Company of Heroes 2, where he is a caster and tournament organizer and also a competitive player.

    He is also part of the Master League system in Company of Heroes 2, and also enjoys watching other RTS esports.

    Moderator (AoM)

    Moderator (AoM)

    Moderator (AoM)

    Moderator (AoM)

    TheVoicelessOne is a programmer/developer and caster who loves to talk about anything gaming related.

    He has a deep love for many different series and games ranging from RTS to FPS to Sim Racing.

    Moderator (AoM)

    Moderator (AoM)

    TenFourTim is a caster for AOE IV Meta plays tournaments

    He is a medieval history aficionado who spends his weekdays as a physician with completion of his residency in 2024. He loves playing AOE in his spare time along with casting Rising Empires Low Elo Legends tournaments. His favorite unit is the Horse Archer.

    When he's not playing/streaming or casting AOE IV, he is most likely wasting hours playing Civilization VI because of his "one more turn" addiction. 

    Moderator (AoM)

    Moderator (AoM)

    Moderator (AoM)

    Moderator (AoM)

    Moderator (AoM)

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