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  1. would be cool to see win rates on tournament
  2. nerf chinese and norse 

  3. my pm are open here and discord good luck and have fun
  4. g1 naka Striker g2 yoshi legend g3 houdini jedi g4 gang juju since wl seems rusty
  5. i vote for my self cause rust power too strong you might see me take yoshi
  6. gaia has one of the best eco in the game also the civ isn't that weak early not sup player but in dm she is too strong especially her map control and forest of towers
  7. seems like fun mode i use to create one where all civ have access to all unites
  8. 1) what is DM DM Stand for deathmatch it's one of the 4 game mod of age of mythology . in deathmatch you start with 15k on each resource count ,you might think to yourself those resources would be enough for the rest of the game Well it's completely wrong the game sometimes go between 8 min to long as 1 hour of high action and it's game of action and reply ,you can lose resources soo fast in proximitly 8 min mark most who try deathmatch either quit cause of high difficulty of the game and how much it takes to properly use the resources and set up future eco Deathmatch ! always been the competitive fast apm high action game that always make high level players quit cause no one is playing and new players get merc rush and die at 2 min but we are Here to fix that !. As Many Knows Me and Nakamura Been Hosting Many Times Deathmatch Academy by giving our own free time with helping newcomers Not to Deathmatch only But the game on general we had huge success last sadly We Failed to Make tournament But this Time we Got a bit of Advantage And Goals this year 1-We will be hosting it on Both steam and Voobly also help the converting if someone want to play in Steam or Voobly with our advices on setup 2-As you might know i am the lead developer of Meta plays tournament system ,and it's coming up to be very big project and the tournament system given us very great results in till now so we Happily gonna be Hosting after dm academy multiple tournaments and will be highly rewarded !. 3-Deathmatch isn't easy to learn So we gonna give you some good amount of training and clips even casting your games and show the weakest points for fast improvement . 4-Streams Yep hopefully there will always be Stream and i myself might stream for first time in my life kinda little shy about that . 5-As we said it will be out of our Free time mostly will be in night 18:00 Uk time but hopefully dm activity will be all the time and reach a peak at that time . 2) We want to teach DM to YOU guys, and this is how -we will use our free time to either explain build in current meta and guide you to perform it perfectly we will help you to get over early game . -we will use multiple videos of tutorials. -gather people and give matches ,after it cast replay of the the game and show the point of weakness that you must focus on. -host many streams session for you and help you and multiple players who want to learn same god. -host tournaments for just people in dm academy . hopefully new deathmatch stars will be born and many of the players that are from the past come back to the game 3) This is what YOU need to do signing up is completely free showing up is good too tho we prefer if you sign up in this forum topic with :for voobly name or steam id with the god you want to main. That way we can give you value of your performance and point you must focus on to improve your gameplay also we accept Experience players who want to support This movement and become one of the teachers by name and main god highest rate peak at dm 1v1 (we would already know you ) Also make sure to join Deathmatch discord: https://discord.gg/BQGxD4G and follow us on steam for more Good Luck everyone And Take Care See you at 12 next month ! Coaches list: Nakamura _TheLegend_ Chessophilus players Students list: wez1 (hades) StrangeStrike(zeus) fliegenfurz4 (ra) Logan_Black (ra) LollyGirl(ra) TM_issei_(oranos) nulgath(thor) SirIvan123(gaia) Blobblob(kronos) __HERA__(poseidon) Ferzavala_3(zeus) CrazyAnton4(zeus) Fifty Shades of Hades<(hades) Skirnir(zeus) Kratos(Kronos) dimetro11(zeus) StriKeR(isis)C1 Kagura(thor)C1 SonOfPoseidon(Loki) soul_odin Knowhere_Walker(isis) Ophelia(poseidon) I_Go_Wonder(thor) miopie(norse) Jorz(Loki)
  9. this is why prize pull must be in hands of bot instead of player so all can see transaction that happen and prize get in hand of who deserve it
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