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  1. EE Patch 2.8 Most Complete and Correct Changelog Hi there, The official changelog for 2.8 is remarkably accurate par from some minor errors. I have just rewritten every change because I use a different format. A little explanation of the format I use. The official name for Atlantean heroes would be written like this: "unit (Hero)". I do not write it like this because I prefer to not have so many () in my notes. Instead I write "Hero unit" (for example Hero Murmillo). If it says (Hero) Destroyer this means both the Hero Destroyer and the regular Destroyer. So (Shennong) Fire Lance means both the regular Fire Lance and the Shennong Fire Lance. If I say "Now provides" or "Now deals", this means that before this patch it didn't do what follows these lines. Meaning it is a brand new addition to the game. This changelog provides only the changes which are most relevant to competitive play. Things such as texture and game menu fixes that have no influence over a game are not included. If you spot any mistakes in this changelog please let me know so I can optimize this list. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Balance Changes: Greek Balance Changes: Egyptian Balance Changes: Norse Balance Changes: Atlantean Balance Changes: Chinese Balance Changes: Deathmatch Balance Changes: Balance Related Bug Fixes: Most Relevant Bug Fixes:
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