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Apply for the role of Content Partner!


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  • Project Director

We are always looking for Content Partners that would like to cover our events or contribute to our leagues, or host their own events on our website! 

Please provide the following information - APPLY HERE:

  • Your history in content creation or hosting tournaments.
  • At least 3 of your VoDs and/or tournaments that you are proud of.
  • Proof of your identity being the creator in question - send us a DM on social media for example.
  • Your motivation as to why you would like to be a content partner

Your perks as a content partner:

  • Full access to casting all Meta Plays event matches in games that allow several spectators without lag.
  • Get priority casting slots in Meta Plays events in games with limited spectators.
  • Stream delay requirement will match Meta Plays' delay, while non-content partner streamers must use more delay.
  • Video uploads of Meta Plays events may happen at your leisure, while non-content partners are asked to wait until Meta Plays uploads.
  • Access to tournament and showmatch hosting on the Meta Plays website.
    • If required, we can arrange a separate league/ladder for your events.
    • Your events will be featured on the front page, and receive social media promotion from us.
    • Technical guidance is available.
  • Full transparency regarding our communications with sponsor brands (requires NDA):
    • We will run our pitches by you and take your input into account.
    • For substantial sponsorships, we will work in a monetary reward for content partners and our own staff.
  • Discord community posts pushed into the Meta Plays content partner feed channel.
  • Stream featured on the Meta Plays home page, and prioritized on game pages.
  • Credits listing on the Meta Plays website.
  • Discord and Meta Plays website role.
  • Suggested Streamer listing by Meta Plays on Twitch.
  • Recommended channel listing by Meta Plays on YouTube.

Our requirements:

  • You casted several Meta Plays events and applied, or were directly invited.
  • You conduct yourself in a professional manner, comparably to our social standards seen in tournament rules.
  • You acknowledge that globally banned users on our platform cannot participate in your events if you host with us.
  • You must be in good standing. No pay-out scandals or severe mishandled controversies.
  • When casting events organized by Meta Plays:
    • Event sponsors must be given shout-outs. This is defined on a per-event basis.
      • Can include: logos to show, ad videos to play in breaks, chat timers/commands to run.
      • Will never include metrics-based incentive programs.
    • Willing to give Meta Plays one shout-out per event, such as an invitation to make an account on the site.


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