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  1. View File AoM Meta Plays Monthly #2 (Voobly) Brackets: Submitter fophuxake Submitted 07/18/2021 Category AoM Tournament Replay Packs  
  2. 5 downloads

    Brackets: Meta-Plays_monthly_2.zip
  3. fophuxake

    Meta Plays Monthly #2

    The tournament is about to start!! Please make sure you are online and in the Discord channel https://discord.gg/dQASckWt @Kimo @matreiuss @Skady @HUSKSUPPE @Shelty @Moranos @GrandMonster @NyanRacingCat @_Elmo @Hagrit @OGNENNYJ @mrboat @ninh0_ @Gaboo21 @iam_momo @Baritchola @Ashcrow_ @kokotheking @acthegreat @__ULysses @Strahssis @snp4 @KomediaN @_FiftyShades @CalamityJane07 @Ardeshir @joeybadz
  4. fophuxake

    Meta Plays Monthly #2

    @ninh0_ @Ashcrow_ @iam_momo @kokotheking @DivineDFP @Ardeshir @acthegreat If you have not already joined the Meta-Plays Discord, please do so https://discord.gg/dQASckWt If you have already joined, please comment and leave your Discord name here so I can add you to the tournament channel!
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