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  1. I haven't looked very hard, but I have wanted that crenelations mod for a while. ty
  2. Don't know, sorry, haven't played any of the fan made campaigns. I sometimes play scenarios with my friends on voobly. Norse Wars and Food, wood, gold are both good.
  3. I don't think anything new is uploaded to aom heaven, but there is many interesting mods and scenarios there to use.
  4. @clam_chowdah We are able to play our games at 19:30gmt Friday 15th. If that doesn't fit into your schedule, I can stream the games, and post them here. Edit: most likely can not play at arranged time, will attempt to re-organise.
  5. http://www.rts-sanctuary.com/Age-Of-Mythology/showtopic=245825&st=0 If you have a clan of six or more people, sign up for the Hybrid Cup. The main RTS-league will follow this tournament.
  6. http://www.rts-sanctuary.com/Age-Of-Mythology/showtopic=245493&pid=2551907&st=0&#entry2551907 Follow the link to Join!
  7. http://www.thedodclan.com/index.php?/topic...terest-friends/ You will need to register over at the DoD forum.
  8. Chinese God's are fun to play, especially on the balance patch. Their Titan is a hideous looking thing though ?
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/AoMEE_ClassicLeague/discussions/0/1741094390475267938/
  10. Could you possibly upload the recording of your match against JaVito's KiNg on Ghostlake again please? The link isn't working. Cheers.

  11. Just spreading the word. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/AoMEE_ClassicLeague/discussions/0/1696046342861565570/?ctp=2
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