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  1. Guide: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/18zBqCdX-QFQ0Pp4wm5IUibsUj-MmimJ6afvxzA03NBc/edit?usp=sharing Video :
  2. Nice i'm close then. Can't wait for the website to be officially finished and buf free.
  3. haha lol not bad vs isis my left butt cheek - priest siege u might as well alt f4
  4. also when do i stop being a newbie?
  5. man the admins on rtss are wayyyyyy too anal and i feel like don't have a clue what they're doing. they should just hand it over to an experienced admin like j4 or whatever that dod guy is to fix it. im overstaying welcome there i mean they too old and not as good desigend as that. I tried to underline my post, no option, even tags wont work (e.g <u> example </u>) and the emojis arent as good as here. I think people should move to meta play
  6. very nice comeback opponent had better eco, better map control, i forgot to queue up villies in both classical and archaic with smaller army came back by tartarian
  7. give tributes to gods in form of food or gold to receive favour. (kind of like the market)
  8. hello is anyone 1500 i can 1v1 im look for fellow noob to 1v1 maybe you odin_ulf?
  9. 2-4 tc comeback 6:30 boomed against odin and got punished but i came back with cheiro
  10. damn it I was wondering where he was on my friends list. Can't believe he's done this. EE Kingpin was in the ploy as well I guess. http://prntscr.com/mebaam Clam promised he would tell the truth if i beat him fair and square but i guess he's a liar
  11. how 2 beat ra as gaia i'm pretty sure he's a smurf of EE Kingpin at least according to him.
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