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  1. Hosticide

    Meta Plays Skirmish #1

    @PieEater8 Please join the discord please so you can coordinate with your opponents and report your matches.
  2. Hosticide

    Meta Plays Skirmish #1

    You could have stayed! It is not a single day event!
  3. Below is simplified build order for Jerome in building his hero and command mantis early game. Jerome's hero and upgrade are the single most costly hero power-wise in the game tech 1. Let's begin with the actual build itself MAIN BASE: Generator (Upgrade) Supply (Upgrade) Supply Pad Supply Pad Armory (Build and upgrade hero) As for the starting units and other min-bases Build 2 Marines on the start Do a 4-1 split (4 marines taking supplies, 1 taking power, then clean up resources on the map afterwards) Take your first mini at 0:50 - 0:55 seconds (Build a supply pad on it) Take your second mini at 1:20 - 1:30 seconds (Build either a supply pad or a barracks, match-up dependent) After this is executed, use your marine/hero unit ball to harass your opponent's units or to attack their buildings Tips: Combo Lotus mines with the Mantis drop for huge damage if the mantis stuns units. If you take mastodons third point, build an early second base to double pump mastodons. Make sure there is at least one combat tech marine in each mastodon so they passively heal it (stacks with nightingale heals) Any other tips for Jerome? post them below!
  4. Best way would be for the organization to contact Meta Plays directly on Discord for more information!
  5. Hey guys, Hosticide here! I will be posting quick tips and guides throughout the next couple weeks to the Guides section of the forums. Please contact me to let me know if you want any specific tips or guides to be posted!
  6. So excited about all the new features to the site and what they bring to each community! I cannot wait to get started utilizing everything!
  7. There aren't any currently announced in the Halo Wars 2 community unfortunately, but If I see one, I will post a thread about it!
  8. 3v3s have been left for third-party organizations to host using Meta Plays tournament system if they want! Right now the only tournaments available on Meta Plays are 1v1, as that is the competitive scene of Halo Wars 2, since the game was intentionally balanced around that format. However, there have been a couple #v3 tournaments in the past by other organizations!
  9. Get ready for the first Halo Wars 2 tournament hosted by Meta Plays, the Spartan Trials! Let's take a look into the format of this upcoming tournament! Below is the TL;DR (Too lazy; didn't read) for the tournament format and general rules! TL;DR FORMAT Tournament Date: 6/12/2021 Type: Single Elimination 1v1 Deathmatch Prize Pool: $300 Meta Plays Point Pool: 4500 Match Format: Asynchronous matches and play until tournament ends GAME RULES FIrst Map is set. Loser chooses next map. Maps only played once per series Maps: Ashes, Bedrock, Fissures, Frontier, Mirage, Rift, Vault. Voridus is Banned (Auto-loss of game in series if picked) No repeat leaders in a series. No node strat. 1 hour time limit. Staff discretion on winners, tie, or replay match No cheating or intentional exploiting of any form allowed Report matches in the Meta Plays Discord Server COMPETITOR'S CONDUCT No Smurfs 15 Minute No-show rule for the SERIES No Sharing Accounts No Harassment in any area of the tournament's setting Competitors may stream their own matches if and only if they have a two minute delay Third-Party Casters may cast games not on the casting schedule Consequences for breaking any of these rules are outlined in the official tournament page. Now that we have what is expected of the players in the tournament, let's open discussion! Remember to be civil! Excited for any certain matchups? Questions about the tournament? Need advice about a build or a setup pre-tournament? Looking for custom games to practice for the tournament? Ask it all in this thread, and take home the gold medal!
  10. I'll be ready to listen to some heavy metal Good to see you back and playing my dude.
  11. Can't wait to get started and see where things go!
  12. Welcome Halo Wars 2 Players, Hello fellow RTS players from both Xbox and PC! I am Hosticide, or Chris, and I welcome you to the Halo Wars 2 section of Meta Plays! Today is launch-day for a lot of exciting content, including a bunch of planned Halo Wars 2 Tournaments! I wanted to create a forum post to get things started and to get to know each other. So let's introduce ourselves! Some easy stuff to say in your posts: Your Gamertag. Your favorite/main leader(s). How long have you played the Halo Wars series? Your matchmaking experiences Something you want changed or added to Halo Wars 2 There are just a bit of topics you can add to your post if you want, or don't I'm not your parents. Here is my post below to get us started! I am Hosticide (GT: BtC Hosticide). I have played the Halo Wars series since launch day of the original Halo Wars. I entered the competitive scene on launch day of Halo Wars 2 by playing matches in Gamebattles and being a top finisher in Breaking the Clutch's first ever tournament in March 2017. Even since then I joined the staff of BtC and I have hosted countless tournaments in the community. I was one of the three main organizers and a caster for the Halo Wars Championship League for four seasons, A tournament organizer for Halo Wars Tournament Central, and now I am here as a caster and moderator for Meta Plays. My 4+ years in the Halo Wars competitive scene will give me the experience to cast here with Nakamura for these future events, and I cannot wait to see how they turn out! As for gameplay, my favorite leaders are Kinsano and Atriox. I have been a consistent Kinsano player since her release in Season 1, but recently picked up Atriox for his viability in online ladder. If I could some stuff to Halo Wars 2, I would add a forge mode and a custom games browser. These two additions would basically give the game unlimited replayability! Now that I have given you some info about me, what's up with everyone else?! ~Hosticide
  13. Made it to platinum finally!  Went from sliver 1 to platinum 3 this season!  working on platinum 1 before the season ends, maybe even more, who knows!

    Moving on up.PNG

  14. So ready to stream some HW2 tonight! 🙂

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