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  1. Hello, I've seen some smurf tourneys now and noticed a lack of sassiness in the smurf nicks. Here I have some examples of nicks which I'd like to see in casted games: TheBluePlayer (Try to join as P2) TheRedPlayer (Try to host or join as P1) HisOpponentHowever TheEgyptianPlayer (if you never player eggy) Oranos (if you never play Ora, similar usable with other popular gods) He You get the idea & maybe you have some more similar suggestions.
  2. Some Numbers from the Gamex.CFG show the 1.8 Loggy figured out: buildFoundationsUnderAttack // Re-enabling foundation bonus damage GTS // upgrade affects TC building FoundationDamageFactor 1.8 upgradeDamageFactor 0.18 shipFoundationDamageFactor 0.2 // Repairing cheaper than building RepairFactor 0.5 // This is the percentage additional Villagers contribute to building. buildEfficiency 0.30 buildEfficiency-egyptian 0.375 However it remains a bit confusing on what upgradeDamageFactor is supposed to be (upgrading Settlement to TC?), same for shipFoundation and such. Also somewhat unrelat
  3. Hello, I have some question on the aom building mechanic. I think I've read about it somewhere before but dunno anymore. Some of those I might test later if nobody knows, but let's start with questions first: When a construction is aborted by player at say 66%, does he get 34% of the resources back? (Probably yes, since ghostbuilding is a thing) When a construction is destroyed by an enemy at say 66%, does he still get 34% of the resources back? When a TC construction is damaged by 50%, does it cost 50% more to finish the TC? What are the stats of unfinished buildi
  4. Hellow, this is a small mod which makes all players start in the classical age through the same minor god. The minor god chosen for all of the players is chosen randomly from all of the old classical gods and some of the atlantean ones. Though I think it works for chinese players too, it's just that they'll never get a chinese minor god. The players get the myth unit coming out of their TC, the god power, and can research technologies which benefit all civs, like Sacred Cats, Thundering Hooves or Sylvan Lore. Techs like Mithril Breastplate applying only to one civ are not available f
  5. The civ is available & downloadable here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1488941327
  6. Yesterday we found out a bit about some of the values: Accuracy 0.8 means the first shot has a chance to hit of 80% AimBonus of 15 means every shot afterwards on the same target gets +15%. So with Odysseus it's a 80% hit chance for the first shot, 95% for the second and 100% for the third and every shot after that MaxSpread (I think it was this one) tells you that missed shots can spread everywhere around the target in a distance of 5 tiles. So with a low MaxSpread you're more likely to still hit the target on accident when missing
  7. A glorious bo9 the dumpsterfire win condition goes into fm, while the triple tech allows to dig deep into eco ups. Some recs need the true random map to watch them: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1248635643
  8. We caught up with the AoE2-Modders on the Triple Tech Mod for the AoM Extended Edition! >> Steam Workshop Link << It allows you to research every technology three times before you'll be able to continue on the line upgrades. So now you can try to boom with 2nd or 3rd hunting dogs, get triple medium infantry before heavy infantry or very fast centaurs with triple sylvan lore! It took one day of effort for three people to make it for EE: Codi wrote some C# Code to triplicate the techs in the techtreex, Hagrit manually worked the protox, fixed connections in the t
  9. Hey there! I still havent cought up on what you provided for the community in terms of mechanics exploration. Like I hope at some point I'll come around RMS triggering. ? Well, nice to see u here too!
  10. An EE map judging by the preview image. ?
  11. There is a "VolleyMode" tag on the RangedAttack of Chieroballistas and Towers. (Whatever that does)
  12. Thx for this! There are really a bunch of problems to face as a community and on top of it we're all divided on all of the opinions. But also there are a lot of "the future of our community" discussions popping up, so maybe we'll get somewhere. At least it feels a bit like we're developing policies atm. > Broken game & inaccessibility of fan patches: This is why I like Voobly. The old game runs smoother, looks less weird on the light settings, and you can write your own balance patch and everyone who joins your room automatically downloads it. I did a bunch of crazy stu
  13. Okay I'll try it
  14. @Callistonian Was there a height penalty for the other guy? @Hagrit Right, there is actually some height measurement. Also in scenarios the world height can be set to the minimum and put up by 5 then, and lowered to minimum on an area to test for heights. However I hoped you could tell us more on the workings of "TrackRating" and "Accuracy" and so on.
  15. I can a bit help with your very last question, the math behind the HeightBonusMultiplier. It works just like another DamageBonus Multiplier. It's actually part of the standard aom attack formula, the k-elev entry: http://ageofempires.wikia.com/wiki/Attack#Age_of_Mythology Basically even in close combat you'd get +25% on your attack if you have the height advantage, and -25% on your attack if you have the height disadvantage. So I'm not sure if the entry on the centaur actually does anything or is just overwriting the standard value for every unit with the same value. This howeve
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