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  • New Game Trial: Company of Heroes 3


    We are pleased to announce our trial event for Company of Heroes 3, called Operation Clash! 

    The event has been a long time coming - we have been waiting for the right moment to enter the scene. This is it!


    On September 23rd and 24th, you have the opportunity to compete for glory and win your portion of the six-hundred USD starting prize pool.
    To participate, sign up via the Meta Plays Discord by September 22nd, 10 PM GMT.
    Check-in begins at 1:00 PM GMT, start time is at 1:30 PM GMT.


    Format & Rules

    • Single elimination
    • Bo 3 series
    • Maps (picked by staff, subject to change):
      • Road to Tunis
      • Twin Beaches
      • Faymonville ML Edition
      • Crossroads
      • Kasserine Pass
    • Save your replays
    • Conduct yourself professionally: be on time, and treat fellow players, casters and our staff with respect
    • Additional, detailed rules are coming soon.

    How to Watch

    Day 1: Olvadi will be casting from the Meta Plays Twitch channel beginning at 2:30 PM GMT.

    Day 2: Greyshot and Stormless will cover the finals, starting at 2:30 PM GMT on the Meta Plays Twitch channel.

    Looking to cast? We'd love to have you participate via your channel! Please get in touch with @Olvadi for approval.


    Relic Entertainment have been kind enough to offer some Steam game keys to give away - we truly appreciate the opportunity, thank you!

    During the live streams, you will have the chance to win these. Sounds great for our existing viewers especially, who may not own these yet!

    The full list is:

    • 5x Company of Heroes 3 Keys
    • 3x Company of Heroes Franchise Keys (1+2+DLC)
    • 3x Dawn of War Franchise Keys (1+2+3+DLC)

    Looking to contribute?

    With the help of the incredibly helpful community members Greyshot and Curahee, we are putting down $600 towards the starting prize pool of the event. You can help further increase via our donation page, earning you guaranteed crediting, as well as shiny profile medals, in addition to our eternal gratitude.

    About Meta Plays and CoH 3

    To those of you hearing of us for the first time, we are an esports organization with a community focus for multiple RTS games - chiefly Age of Mythology and Halo Wars 2. We have distributed over $16,000 in event prizes across all our supported games, present and past since our launch in 2021. This has been possible in huge part thanks to the community's generous contributions to event prize pools.

    With Company of Heroes 3, we are aiming for a similar setup, where we fund a base line of prize pools across events, that the community can then further elevate.

    We will be closely monitoring the performance of the event in order to decide about whether to commit to Company of Heroes 3 in the long term. To be crystal clear, we are certainly interested, but it needs to make economical sense for us to take on the extra costs.

    The metrics we will look at to judge the event's performance will include:

    Depending on the results we will scale our support for the game between the below. We humbly request that you let your friends know that they can help bring more esports events to CoH 3 by simply tuning in!

    • No support: if our event completely misses the mark, we cannot commit to anything
    • Small scale support: a singular open league tier, mostly aimed at pro players
    • Medium scale support: 3 tiered leagues for amateur, rising star and pro players
    • Full scale support: Regular showmatches, plus 3 tiered leagues for amateur, rising star and pro players

    Note: the above implies that we would implement CoH 3 to make use of our first party tournament hosting and seasonal ladder system, as well as showmatch system. This will take significant development effort, which is why we need to be certain that committing is the right call for us to make.

    Thank you very much for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments, or reach us on Discord! We'll see you on the battlefield.

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