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Tournaments & Seasons Explained


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  • Project Director

Our Tournaments Are Each Part Of A Seasonal League.

We Aim For 2 Seasons Per Year & 6-8 Tournaments Per Season.


Find Tournaments By Browsing Your Game Portal Of Interest:


Or By Directly Browsing The Tournament Pages:


Use The Follow Button On Tournament Pages To Be Notified!


We Support The Following Tournament Formats:

Single Elimination: Max 64 Players

Double Elimination: Max 64 Players

Group Stage Into Single Elimination: Max 32 Players

Round Robin: Max 8 Players


Tournaments Award Cash Prizes And Medals To Top Finishers.


Win Rounds To Earn Meta Plays Points. Win More To Earn More. Calculator Here.

Meta Plays Points Contribute To The Ladder.

More Players & Higher Prize Pool = More Points.


At The End Of Each Season, We Invite Top Players From Our Ladder To The Season Finale.

The Season Finales Have Larger Prize Pools & Unique Medals.



Player Profiles Showcase All Earned Medals Per Season.


See Ladders Explained Here.
See Hall of Fame Explained Here.

Got Questions? Let Us Know In The Comments!


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  • Project Director
6 hours ago, Lt_Leyan said:

how can i participate in a tournament?

We currently don't have any tournaments (except the one in progress). You need to catch it after we announce one (we do that on our social media, discord, game reddits, and website emails). From there it's just a matter of clicking 1 button to join.


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  • Project Director
1 hour ago, Lt_Leyan said:

Nice thanks, i am going to be in touch. How cai i get 1000 meta points?

You get points by winning tournament series. They're used to track your performance, and to determine your starting position in brackets.

Each season we start everyone from 0, and for the main events we invite the top X players by points from the current season they are in.


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