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  1. Meta Plays Casting Tool

    We are pleased to share with you the Meta Plays Casting Tool, developed by Maguro and PF2K! They worked on it as a commission for Meta Plays, and this is a modified variant of the Starcraft Casting Tool. The difference is that we support multiple games, and have a player color picker!
    The goal of this software is to increase the quality of tournament streams by adding high quality score boards and player introductions with an easy GUI to control it all.
    Everyone is welcome to make use of it. We would appreciate if you could set up stream commands or link to this post in Youtube, for those that may be wondering where to get this.
    Supported Games: 
    Age of Empires IV Age of Empires Online Age of Mythology Halo Wars 2 Spellforce 3 StarCraft II (Intro panels only) Warcraft III First Time Setup:
    After downloading and extracting the tool, simply launch the executable. I recommend placing it in its own folder, and adding that folder to antivirus exceptions.
    To start off, create your own profile. This will update your casting tool with the latest art assets for all our supported games. Feel free to delete the default profile.

    Next up, select the game you want to use the Tool for. This will select the correct factions available for the dropdowns. You can freely cycle this at any point.

    Next up, you will need to add 2 browser sources to your streaming software - one for the intros, another for the score board. The browser sources menus contain the URLs that you can copy directly from the app. Make sure that the source resolution matches your base resolution (the art is designed for full screen).

    Triggering Intros, Updating Scores and Factions
    1- update the faction of the player on the matching side
    2- grant a win to the player on the matching side
    3- alter the size of the series
    4- alter the color of the player
    Note: updating the faction of matches that were already played will update all future matches. You want to update the appropriate match's faction to get everything displaying correctly.

    With the above setup, you should be seeing something like this in your streaming app!

    Feel free to post here about any questions, or technical issues that you are having! Or post good practices for others to make use of.
    Also please share the tool with others that may benefit from it - we want this tool to have as wide of a reach as possible to increase the quality of all community streams! It's as much for you as it is for us!
    Known Issues:
    None at the moment. Let us know if you find any.


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