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  1. We all downloaded straight from voobly, and a day later quite a few random files appeared and performance in games went down. Also, we were able to get age of mythology titans working without the extra files...
  2. So my friends and I wanted to play age of mythology titans together, so we got everything setup and working with voobly and free aom. That was Thursday, today is Saturday, and we're noticing performance issues and weird files, so we uninstall voobly and stuff and run antivirus scans and heuristic viruses were found...
  3. Hello, I've recently been getting into EE, but I don't see as many players and I've heard that a lot play on voobly. When I went to install it and play aom on voobly, it needed the titans expansion. I've reached a problem here, I only have disc 2 and the key, but of course I don't have the most important disc. I looked it up and it was said to install the demo and insert the key into it, but I cannot find where to insert the key. If anyone has any solutions it'd be much appreciated. EDIT: Resolved, thank you.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if Age of Empires III is ever going to be one of the games on the website? I've played both aoe3 and aom forever, but have only been any good at aoe3 until now, and now I play both, so it would be nice to have that one on here as well.
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