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  • SpellForce 3 Meta Plays League Season 1 Announcement


    We are very pleased to announce Season 1 for our SpellForce 3 Tournament League!

    This season will be made up of the following tournaments:

    • Meta Plays Monthly #1$200, Open, Single Elimination - Jan 22 - One day event
    • "The Dragon's Eye"$300, Open, Double Elimination - Jan 29 - Feb 20 - Free scheduling
    • Meta Plays Monthly #2 - $200, Open, Single Elimination - March 26 - One day event CANCELLED
    • Meta Plays Monthly #3$200, Open, Single Elimination - April 16 - One day event CANCELLED
    • Meta Plays Monthly #4 - $200, Open, Single Elimination - May 8 - One day event CANCELLED
    • Season Finale - "Heart of the Inferno Golem" - $500, Invitational, Group Stage into Single Elimination - May 21 - June 12 CANCELLED

    Thanks to the $100 donation from RisingSun, the second tournament will have a larger prize pool, and be themed!

    How the Season Works

    Each Tournament we host will not only come with cash prizes, but also Meta Plays Ladder Points. These points go towards the corresponding ladder. Based on your position in the ladder, we assign you to a "Class" - one of D(lowest), C, B, A and S(highest). The classes give you a badge and will be featured on your Tournament Profile. By the time the Season Finale comes around, we will invite the top players based on the Ladder. Check out the Class icons below.


    The top 4 players will also receive medals corresponding with their final placement in each Tournament. While most are generic, Season Finale events, as well as any mid-season cup that reaches a prize pool of $300 will receive custom medals.




    For additional info, please check our Tournament and Ladder explainer posts!

    Please note that the Ladders will only be generated after the first tournament has finished. Naturally, Tournament Profiles will also be quite empty at first! You are able to display your Profile and Class in your posts, if you turn these on in your site profile, however.


    Give Us The Numbers

    Based on the number and quality of signed up players, we modify the number of total points that a tournament can provide. Our guidelines for this are below:

    • Base value: 10x Prize pool in USD (or monetary value in prizes).
    • For any class exclusion combination, remove 10% points per class removed.
      • S+A Class only tournaments are excluded from this ruling on a case-by-case basis.
    • The number of players in the tournaments will scale the points in the following way:
      • 4-8: -50%
      • 9-15: -25%
      • 16-24: no change
      • 24-32: +50%
      • 33-47: +75%
      • 48-64: +100%
    • You can review the point spread between player placements using our Tournament Point Calculator.

    Can I Host Tournaments Too?

    Yes! We are in fact looking for additional Tournament Hosts that are willing to contribute to our Seasonal Ladders, or cover an aspect of the game that we don't, such as team games. You can apply as a tournament host here.

    The ideal third party Tournament Host will:

    • Have a prize pool for each event.
    • Have a solid history of past tournaments.
    • Not have been the cause of pay-out scandals.
    • Try not to create conflicts with our event dates.

    What about Team Games or Co-op?

    We currently have no plans to fund a season for TG or Co-op. We do however have the technical capability for keeping this separate and to facilitate them in the first place, and will be keeping our eyes on your feedback. The plan is to leave team tournaments to the community.

    You Can Help!

    For any of you looking to support our events, the best way to do so is becoming a subscriber on the website. This is a monthly recurring payment that you get perks for. The higher goals we hit, the better the prize pools will be.
    You can also increase prize pools by donating (look for the SF3 option on this page) - we think with your help, boosting one of the monthlies to $300 is a very achieve-able first goal!

    Where To Watch

    We will live stream all of the events on our Twitch, and VoDs will be available on our Youtube.
    Community casters will have access to cover games as well - the whole season has open casting. Please contact each event's manager for clearance.
    We also provide replay packs that may be used for replay casts or learning purposes.

    That is pretty much it! Let us know what you think in the comments below, join us on Discord for real-time chats, and we will see you on the battlefield!


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