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Stats of Unfinished Buildings


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I have some question on the aom building mechanic. I think I've read about it somewhere before but dunno anymore. Some of those I might test later if nobody knows, but let's start with questions first:

  1. When a construction is aborted by player at say 66%, does he get 34% of the resources back? (Probably yes, since ghostbuilding is a thing)
  2. When a construction is destroyed by an enemy at say 66%, does he still get 34% of the resources back?
  3. When a TC construction is damaged by 50%, does it cost 50% more to finish the TC?
  4. What are the stats of unfinished buildings? There are some rumors they might be stronger than the finished buildings in some regards, e.g. against Scarabs. How so?
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  • Head Staff
  1. Yes, you get back the % value that wasn't completed
  2. Yeah, doesnt matter who destroys the foundation
  3. The resource cost is paid in advance, but the TC needs to be built to full HP to finish, meaning it will take longer
  4. Same as normal, but they take double damage. There's nothing that would make the scarab different. There used to be a bug that tagged the wrong buildings for the destroyer, which made it not do bonus vs god power buildings.

Edit: Wrong about 4, check Loggy's post below.

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I'm going to respectfully disagree on point 4, I'm afraid :P

I'd observed that some things are disproportionately effective vs unfinished buildings (most notably archers) and siege is unexpectedly bad. This inspired me to work out the specifics, and it's actually a bit surprising. Normally I'd script a lot of the hard work but I'm not really well enough to do that right now, so I opted for more simple reasoning. If I've missed anything blindingly obvious in here, please let me know!

Scarab (6h, 12c, x5 vs building) does 117 per hit on a house (30% hack, 5% crush)
From this we can work out the anim length modifier: expected dps is 6*5*0.7 + 12*5*0.95 = 78
Therefore scarab's attack interval is 1.5s.
On an unfinished house, scarab instead does 48-49 per hit!
Too many variables: set scarab crush attack to 0. Scarab now does the expected 31.5 per hit (6*5*0.7). Can't remove house hack armour or scarab attack bonus no longer applies, thanks AoM!
Now it does ~16 per hit on the house instead. So what's going on with this? Is it affected by attack bonus or building armour?
Increased house hack armour to 60%. Now does 12 per hit (6*5*0.4) on finished, and 16 on unfinished.
Increased house hack armour to 80%, and it still does 16 on the unfinished -> building armour does nothing here.
If the scarab does 6 crush or pierce instead of 6 hack, it still does 16 (well, somewhere slightly over 16 per hit, but regardless it's close).
If the scarab has its attack bonus vs buildings removed, it still does ~16.
Now the question is where that 16 per hit actually comes from. Using the KB unit info display I can see the actual damage per hit is 16.2.
That would indicate some damage multiplier of 16.2/(6*1.5) = 1.8x
As a quick test, I thought I'd look at something I already know the attack interval of from previous experiments: the white tiger, ~1.83s (see https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=859012992)
Based on this (it has 20h attack) it should do 20*1.83*1.8 = ~65.8 damage per hit on an unfinished house, which is what I observed when trying this.
To be sure it's not something specific to houses, I tried on a temple too and got the same result.

TL;DR: Units attacking unbuilt buildings ignore any existing damage multipliers and the building's armour, and instead do 1.8x their base damage.

So yes, the scarab does significantly less damage to unfinished buildings because its 5x multiplier is voided and its crush damage doesn't have the usual benefit of being more effective.

Edited by Loggy
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Some Numbers from the Gamex.CFG show the 1.8 Loggy figured out:

// Re-enabling foundation bonus damage GTS
// upgrade affects TC building
FoundationDamageFactor 1.8
upgradeDamageFactor 0.18
shipFoundationDamageFactor 0.2

// Repairing cheaper than building
RepairFactor 0.5

// This is the percentage additional Villagers contribute to building.
buildEfficiency 0.30
buildEfficiency-egyptian 0.375

However it remains a bit confusing on what upgradeDamageFactor is supposed to be (upgrading Settlement to TC?), same for shipFoundation and such. Also somewhat unrelated I thought additional villagers would contribute more than 30% to 40% to build speed and have a decreasing efficiency with every additional vill.

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4 hours ago, Azarath said:

Also somewhat unrelated I thought additional villagers would contribute more than 30% to 40% to build speed and have a decreasing efficiency with every additional vill.

They do. If memory serves it's logarithmic: I worked this one out a loooong time ago but can't remember where I saved the numbers...

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