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Atriox Quick Expo Rush


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Atriox Quick Expo Rush


  • This is a Rush Strategy
  • It emphasizes on using Atriox's Counter Measure and Fortifications leader powers
  • Heavy use of Atriox's Chosen and Jump Pack Brutes

Unit Composition

  • Atriox's Chosen (1 Upgraded)
  • Grunts (5-6 grunts for Nodes and gathering)
  • Jump Pack Brutes (As many as possible)
  • Chopper (1 for scouting)

Build Order

  1. Build 2 Grunts
  2. Harvester (Upgrade)
  3. Power Extractor (Upgrade)
  4. Harvester
  5. Harvester
  6. Build an Expansion
  7. War Council (On Natural Base)
  8. Raid Camp (On Expansion Base)
  9. Raid Camp (On Expansion Base)
  10. Raid Camp (On Expansion)
  11. Destroy War council after Atriox built and upgraded
  12. Power Extractor (Upgrade on Natural Base)

In-Depth and In Order

     At the Start of the game, start building your 2 grunts, and a single harvester.  With your starting grunts, have two take resource crates and one take power crates.  Upgrade the Harvester when it is completed.  Split the two grunts built with the first one built going to power crates and the second one going to resources crates.  Continue to send grunts to take resource crates on the map, in spare time, until the have taken all the crates on your side of the map.  When the grunts finish taking all the crates, have them begin to take power nodes on the map.  in the meantime, Queue up your next two harvesters, and upgrade your Power Extractor.  During the time waiting for your two harvesters to complete, build the forward expansion in front of the natural base.  Back on your main base, Build and upgrade Atriox's chosen to protect the expansion base being built.  Once the Expansion completes, build 3 raid camps on the expansion and triple pump out JPBs (Jump Pack Brutes).  Group up your units and head out to begin attacking, harassing, and pumping out brutes until Tech 2.  When the Chosen has his tech 1 upgrade, destroy your War Council and replace it with an upgraded power extractor.  Once this is all setup, it should be between 4-5 minutes, to ensure an early rush does not destroy the forward expansion.  


EDIT:  UPDATED FOR 2021,  switch out one of the raid camps on 8, 9, or 10 and build an apex for heals if they attack or socut the expo early on in the game!  


Any questions on the guide?  Please comment below!  will edit later with a demonstration of this build!

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Update to the Build order
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