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4:04 High Hunt Advance BO for Norse

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This is a very bad and dated BO, since you can advance a bit later with more dwarves and thus a stronger eco. Still rushing classical might be fun sometimes.

  • Hunting Dogs + Great Hunt on your caribou/deer/gazelles/zebras
  • [Food 5] 5 vills on hunt
  • [Wood 2] 1 vill + 1 ox + 1 vill on wood
  • [Gold 1] 1 vill + 1 ox on gold
  • [Food 5-6] 6 vills on hunt
  • Advance with 14, sometimes 13 villagers (3:55 or something) and 3 ox carts.

Building the house and temple you'll pretty much end up at 0 wood & gold. When advancing and maybe earlier adjust your eco by putting hunters on wood and gold to support whatever you want to do in classical, like getting houses/longhouses/army/dwarves.

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