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Jerome Hero Opener


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  • Community Manager (HW2)

Below is simplified build order for Jerome in building his hero and command mantis early game.  Jerome's hero and upgrade are the single most costly hero power-wise in the game tech 1.  Let's begin  with the actual build itself


  1. Generator (Upgrade)
  2. Supply (Upgrade)
  3. Supply Pad
  4. Supply Pad
  5. Armory (Build and upgrade hero)

As for the starting units and other min-bases

  1. Build 2 Marines on the start
  2. Do a 4-1 split (4 marines taking supplies, 1 taking power, then clean up resources on the map afterwards)
  3. Take your first mini at 0:50 - 0:55 seconds (Build a supply pad on it)
  4. Take your second mini at 1:20 - 1:30 seconds (Build either a supply pad or a barracks, match-up dependent)

After this is executed, use your marine/hero unit ball to harass your opponent's units or to attack their buildings


  • Combo Lotus mines with the Mantis drop for huge damage if the mantis stuns units.  
  • If you take mastodons third point, build an early second base to double pump mastodons.  
  • Make sure there is at least one combat tech marine in each mastodon so they passively heal it (stacks with nightingale heals)

Any other tips for Jerome? post them below!

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