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Tiny! Freak Style Guide

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Build order standard:
1.- Select urban center with the “H” key (while loading the map)
2.- Set the creation of villagers with the "v" key:
2 villagers (if you are Greek and Egyptian)
1 villager (if you are an Atlantean)
or if I touch you a Nordic with the "U" key to create ulfsarks (3 or 4 depends)
You do step "1 and 2" while loading the map and observing the god that touched you, allies and enemies.
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to put the villagers in passive mode so that when they attack them they do not stop building this is done with: "ALT + S"
3.- Make the temple:
-In 1v1: temple ahead attached to the wall with all the gods (not so far forward since the enemy TC will destroy your temple not so far back because you will run out of space, it must be in the center, but for your part. Another way to place the temple correctly is placing 1 false temple attached to the TC and then you put the original temple that you will build in front of it, in other words you will put the temple (having a space of a temple between [the original temple and the TC])
(3 temples with Norse (+ armory if you are Thor), Egyptian 3 temples, Atlantean 2 or 1 [depends on the situation], 1 temple ahead with Greek).
-In 2v2: it is almost always convenient to advance the temple in case of gea you can build a house (so that the grass does not allow your enemy to build) and then the temple.
It is vital to put all the villagers or ulfsarks to build it to advance quickly.
4.- Build houses to create a kind of wall between you and the enemy so that they cannot pass or temples if you are a Nordic,
-in 1v1: if you are Greek you can put 5 houses in a row next to your temple (if it enters but you must put it glued), in case of Nordic, Atlantean and Egyptian (tapas with other temple (s) and / or houses )
5.- As soon as you have the first temple, start the advance
It is vital as moving faster means getting the fastest powers and starting to build military buildings, towers etc. according to the case.
6- In classic, the same, do the armory as quickly as possible with all or most of the villagers
7.- While doing the armory you can improve the resistance of the buildings [IMPORTANT if you are Nordic or Egyptian]] (although it also depends on what your plan is because you can also take out some villagers, ulfsarks or priests)
8.- Make the “Army”: In Tiny! FreakStyle it is convenient to take out the same type of Army and improve it by storing them in their respective buildings or TC (depends) [convenient to take out against your enemy's Army], there are cases in which the Atlantean Instead of taking out Army, it only does full spam of towers and make palaces while it goes to mythical.
9.- And in heroic it is the same, but you must put the market here it is important to put the construction of forts, palaces, etc. Sometimes it is convenient to just get a full Army, it depends a lot on the situation.
10.- The one who reaches mythical faster will have the advantage of throwing the power on the enemy and causing more damage.

-Good use of your space requires putting your buildings as close as possible and at the same time without blocking your way.
- Normally when they are new and noticed that they try to close completely, when in itself it is only necessary to close the enemy part, not your partner,
-In 3v3 or more if you are Hades give the power "Sentinel" to your friend in the center and do not forget to eliminate it in heroic since it can hinder the construction for your friend.
-If you are Nordic, tower spam is decisive in most cases in classical.
-Use the mine (Thor and Gaea power, Miraculous Waters (Thor) or the Decoy (Poseidon) in enemy space so you have no building space.
-Remember to use the power of Rain, Eclipse and Fimbulwinter so that the enemy does not use the power (this works at the beginning of the game or when your enemy is about to reach mythical) also do not use it quickly, you may Ally is about to reach mythical and if you use that power you can damage their attack, it is better to use the power when your friend uses the power to make a Combo.
-The power of "Shifting Sands" is normally used to move the villagers of the enemies and thus take them towards your army, and be able to annihilate them, however (in 1v1, for example) you can do the opposite and thus do more damage (this It is more effective applying to a Greek or an Atlantean since they take time to get an army)
- The Roc can be key to moving your army (seriously) or even saving your priests from an earthquake.
- When you are Uranus and invoke the power of Tartarus, normally the enemy will immediately destroy it, this is when you can use the power of Shockwave.
-The power of the Underworld apart that can be used as a hindrance in the enemy base can also be used to take your army directly to the enemy base.
-Be careful with the power of the "Citadel" when you give it to a partner, ask him if his TC is improving or aging, since, if you give him the power of Citadel, it will restart these advances and can damage the game for wasting that time.
-When someone uses peace, it is very essential to build in the enemy base if possible like houses, etc .; or in case your enemy has villagers or ulfsarks in your base you must put temporary buildings (such as houses, etc.) or hinder so that he cannot build.
-If your turn is Cronos, take full advantage of the power of object translation to send your buildings to the enemy base (with a certain limit), if your enemy is Cronos and you try this, use the villagers until you destroy his building.
-If gea manages to build in your base, use a villager or your entire army to destroy it and prevent it from building at the same time (start by destroying the building that affects you the most [that is, the one closest to your base])
-If Uranus or Gea touches you, it is convenient to use the tree in your base or the ally because the tree prevents the power from being used, at least not close.
- The power of Deconstruction of Cronos can be saved when the enemy places his first tower and thus delay his attack.
-If your enemy builds in your space at the beginning, do not hesitate to use some villagers or ulfsarks to destroy it.
-Sometimes it is not always to get full priests with Egyptians, it also uses against army in some cases.
-Use LAN so that the games are done quickly since they are short.
-The most balanced and improved version so far is the following: Tiny! FreakStyle 2.10 (no overlay)
-Finally, say that, in the version, Shennong is extremely broken since he has destructive powers from heroic (Rhizomes) and not to mention the mythical power of him. on the contrary, Ñuwa is the weakest case so it is advisable to play in the AOMtheTitans version.
If you master all this, your way of starting or classic, etc. can vary. It is more thought of new people.

Thanks Thank you for reading ;D

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