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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all, I am a 2000+ Extended Edition player by the name of clam_chowdah. I am sharing with you a good strategy for Oranos, this strategy is particularly good if you are just starting in your AoM career. This is a pretty simple guide to starting Oranos. This is solely for land maps and not for water, but it can be done on any land map. Build a granary with your starting villager then go to food (hunt>chickens>berries>goats/pigs) hunt is the best to start at Buy Hunting Dogs as soon as the granary goes up(this drastically improves how fast your villagers gather food) Next villager to food (got to bring in daaaa meat fam) Next villager to wood Next villager to gold + build a house when you get 25 gold Next villager to food (preferably a different food source for example chickens or berries or ideally another hunt patch) As soon as you get 100 wood and 100 gold build a temple with your wood villager Next villager to food Next villager to food Advance into Prometheus While upgrading to Prometheus make sure to have 3-2-2 (3 on food 2 on wood and 2 on gold) Buy Handaxe and Pickaxe at the granary As soon as you advance build a barracks and counter barracks with a gold or wood villager and then queue Prometheans, murmillo, and turma Make sure to queue villagers again and send the next one to food then gold then wood Attack with your army right away!! Keep building up an army and destroy your opponents! DON'T FORGET HOUSES!!!! Obviously there is a lot more to be said like what to do after the first 8 minutes of the match, but this is a good start if you are somewhat new and want to get exponentially better. I made a quick tutorial for all my fellow visual learners at this link if you want to watch it in action! If you want more advanced guides in the future or have any questions/comments, let me know! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/256391853
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