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Halo Wars 2 - Skirmish Tournaments

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I heard you say on a couple recent Halo Wars 2 skirmish tournament videos that there isn't enough people signing up and I have an idea/pitch for you. Usually tournaments are top 1 or 2 take home money, but what if you spread out the pot more and made it more 'grand prix' style with the top 5 or even the top 10 all win some money? For example:

1 - $25

2 - $20

3 - $15

4 - $10

5 - $5

Total: $75 

Personally, I think it's unlikely that I could win the tournament so signing up for just a top prize doesn't make a ton of sense. But even if it's not about the money, getting a prize for making top 5 in a tournament of 15 or so would be a cool goal to shoot for. 

Lastly, if you take this idea to heart and want to try it out for a big 2v2 skirmish tournament where the prizes are much more substantial please let me know. I'd be interested in supporting financially so we could generate enough interest.

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  • Project Director

Hello Gvanwie, 

Unfortunately the issue is that we cannot get sign ups for our tournaments. There would simply not be 15 sign ups.

A huge issue with skirmish tournaments having a prize at the end (especially if it's comparable to our normal tournaments) is that they are smurfable. We do offer some level of protection against it, but there is not much we can do about people going to great lengths to get it done.

We would need a much larger audience to pull from, and even then, tournaments are a scary word for most casual players.

As for 2v2 events, we'd love to host them in general - we do have the tech. Are you primarily only interested in skirmishes, or are open tournaments acceptable to you?

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  • Project Director

Update: While I originally marked this idea as "rejected", your idea, and some comments did encourage us to further investigate the topic of skirmish tournaments via Reddit and YouTube.

We are now having serious discussions about how we can actually pull off all the things at the same time because people clearly want skirmishes and team events.

So, this ticket now is under review. More news on this soon hopefully.

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