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In-game friend list for inviting and chatting

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Allow us to connect with each other in the game itself.

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Steam is ok to message people, but it's very convenient to be able to msg them in the actual game itself.

-> back on ESO, you could "whisper" players, and they would receive the whisper in their chat UI even when they were playing a game.

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I remember when I first started EE I could not block people from joining my rooms like I could on eso if some annoying person kept trying to join me after I booted them. Going through steam was a drag had to google how to block someone its just a bit slow ESO friends list felt so much nicer and u can keep AOM friends and steam friends separated easier.

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Absolutely, it's a definite convenience factor being able to focus in-game rather than switching windows to see Steam messaging or notifications, friend requests, etc.  An added feature allowing us to block or ignore certain players is very important as well!

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