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Significantly rework Huangdi

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2 out of the 3 minor gods available to China in the classical age are fun but challenging to use. Wukong's powerful myth unit has interesting, unique micro, and his god power is strategically different from anything else in the game. Chang'e is a little less unique, but her skillshot god power rewards players for trapping enemy units and by its nature has counterplay, making her a fun and engaging god choice. It also creates the kind of big, swingy moment that make AoM such an intense and unpredictable game.

The existence and power level of Huangdi makes picking these minor gods, especially Wukong, difficult to justify to your average AoM player, given how seriously the community can take winning sometimes. Huangdi's myth unit is basically just a big halberdier. Huangdi's god power literally just makes a bunch of human units. Huangdi's upgrade makes creating age 2 human units more efficient, and his other upgrade is an eco upgrade. Huangdi rewards you for doing things you were going to do anyways, and makes all strategies other than massing human units available in age 2 feel clunky and nonviable in comparison. This is a viable strategy with every civ in every matchup, even with minor gods such as Ptah or Hermes who don't contribute very much to this type of strategy.

This issue could be mitigated by nerfing Huangdi to the point where he is not competitively viable, but this is fundamentally a design issue, not a balance one. Huangdi is not a fun minor god whether he is viable or not. Age of Mythology is about contrast; myth units and god powers terrorizing human soldiers, held back by the limited access players have to these things thanks to the diminishing returns or unpredictability of the favor gathering mechanics along with the limited-use nature of god powers. We don't need a minor god who turns these things into just more human soldiers.

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I prefer to buff the other 2 gods Sun wukong and Chang'e s, Sun wukong desperately need a heavy buff

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