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The most important thing of all is Balancing!

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The perfect balance between the Civs is the most important thing in the game, ranked and championships, it's very boring when you watch championships everyone gets the same civs and same gods.another major annoying thing is the imbalance caused by Pros Players(Vooblyfanboyleague) who intentionally influence the updates and leave Broken Gods strong(Ra, Poseidon) and other complete nerfed to trash(Shennong).make balances based on mathematical calculations and cold logic not on inflated opinions and ego kings


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Balance is important! But most important? Imagine Retold being a perfectly balanced game but crashing every 5 minutes and having extrem lag in multiplayer.

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Imagine a retold with a perfect multiplayer but totaly imbalanced civs and units and dificult gameplay no one wants to play that shit in single or multiplayer.

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