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IgnoreArmor Param

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Add a Ignore Armor param for all attacks that allow them to ignore a double/float value between 0.0 (effectively no effect) to 1.0 (ignores armor entirely) with type referring to the type of the armor that it can ignore (Hack, Pierce, Crush) Obviously the effect can only work if the unit has a damage value type relevant. Furthermore there should also be the option (IgnoreGodPowers) to ignore god power effects like Bronze which should nullify the param's effect without the option flag.

<param name="IgnoreArmor" type="DamageType" value1="double/float" option="none/IgnoreGodPowers"></param>

This can effectively be considered similar to the AoE2 Obuch's "damage armor" bonus, although without the permanent damage effect.

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On 12/1/2022 at 11:22 AM, AProperGentleman said:

This exists through damage types like fire that pierce armor.

This is a request for it to be a natively supported feature without having to overwrite or interfere with the unused Fire/Slash damagetypes; leaving them to be used as legitimate damagetypes, whilst still providing it as a natively supported feature.

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