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Improved multiplayer transmission of random maps

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Custom random map icons should be transferred together with the map and
should both be automatically removed after the game if players have not subscribed to the map.
This prevents problems with the map version, for example, and also saves memory

should act as if the player had subscribed to the map in the mod browser making file management a lot more convenient.

Also, it sometimes happens that players accidentally do not accept the download of a map from the host and then have to leave the game and rejoin to reactivate the popup. This has to be easier.

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This makes propagating maps naturally impossible. This due to a bug a long time back used to be a thing and it effectively killed map propagation. People would join my game and play and then want to host it themselves and could not. It was so awful it killed my motive to make RMS completely for a while. I actually spent some.time and wrote a utility to repair this bug sort of but sadly it was client side so never really resolved the problem.

Please reconsider this idea and change it so this is not the case. There are better ways of achieving the same thing: E.g. allow propagation but it appears in a separate folder of "received maps" say so there is no conflict. Memory wise I would not worry about - maps are text files so barely take up anything. People can always delete maps in that folder if they are worried. Icons wise similar. Worst case a basic UI could be added to manage them ingame rather than explorer to allow easy removal of maps if they want.

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