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Prevent game breaking mechanic abuse - wall spam, gaia forest on gold mines, etc.

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All tournaments have the following rules:

  • No excessive wall connector spamming allowed.
    • Banned cases:
      • Connector spam to protect wonders
      • Illegal placements around gold mines and Settlements
    • Acceptable cases include:
      • 4 pieces around towers (including around your main base gold mine, if it blocks)
      • 4 pieces to save dock builder
      • Segments to seal off a gap that was meant to be walled
  • No hunt deleting.
  • No unnatural wall usage, such as deleting wall segments and setting up a gate network.
  • No Gaia Forests around Gold Mines or Settlements.

In general, there are a bunch of "impolite" ways to abuse the game's mechanics/bugs.  Some of these seem more straightforward to fix than others (ex. add an obstruction radius for gaia forests around gold mines).  Others like wall abuse can become somewhat subjective/arbitrary and might take more thought to solve in an elegant way.  However, I think something should be done about all of these rules -- we shouldn't have to rely on the manners of players to have a fair game

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