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Magic's side of the story


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Firstly thanks to Nakamura for letting me post this here, I will keep it brief as noone likes to read a long winded post - for those that lack the time there will be a TLDR at the bottom. 

- As most of you know there's some recent controversy on RTS-Sanc where I accused HellsRavage of theft. Now I was going to let this slide multiple times, however by not responding i'm letting others directly damage my credibility and I don't want that to go on further. I will try to quickly post my side of the story and I hope it clears things up. This has nothing to do the material amount of the money, it's rather insignificant in reality - this is about principal. I know very well that I was going to be banned for what I said, but i'm not afraid of speaking up against administration if I feel my cause is justified. 



Last year there was a tournament held on RTS-Sanc - HellsRavage was the host. 

HellsRavage asked for donations to fund the tournament, multiple times on multiple platforms - anyone who was a viewer in the finals knows this to be the case along with his forum posts. 

He received $150+ in donations. One of the donors (Slayers) who is a good friend of mine donated and congratulated me after my win. 

HellsRavage did not use the extra funds from the donors in the tournament. He said he will use the amount for a future tournament in the unforeseen future. 


Here is HellsRavage admitting to this:

"The prizes will be sent out to players soon. I have decided to keep the original prize values as is, and keep any extra donations we received from the stream for future events." - Hells

If you read it carefully he's basically stating he's changing his mind and he wants to use the funds for another tournament in the future. 


Now this is what Slayers wanted the money used for:

IamMagic_: you donated to us, not to him
slayer198203: exactly!i thought he was the representative for the tourney and that the money will definately reach the players....sadly i was wrong
slayer198203: fucks sake :-(....next time im gonna give it directly to the winner!!

Now this is what Slayers wanted the money used for, RTS-Sanc admins agreed that the money should have gone to players and they reimbursed me and Mista. 


Here is MoF admitting that Hells was in the wrong - it's off my skype convo with him.

"I think he was wrong and i think ego played a part.  He might have been frustrated and decided to hold on to the money for future events out of spite.  That is where he was wrong." - MasterOfFreedom

However, MoF doesn't think Hells technically stole - this is the difference between us. MoF states Hells was reallocating the funds to a future tournament and that there was a misunderstanding. However if you look at it from my POV - that money was suppose to go to the players of the current tournament, by Hells reallocating an amount he stole from all the players who came top 3 in that tournament. 


I wanted to make sure it's not a misunderstanding so I messaged Hells. Slayers also messaged Hells - both of us were ignored. Here is my messages to HellsRavage.

IamMagic_: Donations should not have been the basis for the prize pool when you announced the tournament - it should have been supplementary. I doubt anyone expected you to use tournament donations to fulfill your minimum commitment. The community donated to enhance the pool - January 29th - on Twitch

IamMagic_: the 50 that was donated to the prize pool, that should be given to the players to be honest
IamMagic_: I'm sure that's what slayers had in mind 
- January 24th on Twitch

Now if someone knows that what they're doing is wrong, they will not try to defend themselves. Hells basically just ignored me the whole time. 



Slayers donated money to Hells for the current tournament 

Hells used that money for a different tournament

MoF thinks it's just a misunderstanding and not theft since Hells didn't technically pocket the money

I think it's theft because the donations were meant to go to the current tournament, if you reallocate the sum to another tournament then it's stealing it from the original winners.  


Now if this was a one time thing, i'd let it slide as a misunderstanding - but Hells has done this bs nonstop over the years. He used to rig tournament brackets multiple times to give himself the #1 and #2 seed, despite not being anywhere near a top 10 player. Prior to that he let people play on his name and get him expert staff, he admitted to it publicly on the forums. 

Understanding someones nature is instrumental in understanding their thought patterns - for example a person like Shelty would always address misunderstandings and try to sort it out, he would never ignore a person - this is a definitive sign of avoidance/fraud. 

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  • Developers

this is why prize pull must be in hands of bot instead of player 
so all can see transaction that happen and prize get in hand of who deserve it 

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  • Project Director

Just to go on the record, I personally am not taking sides in this. I do think that people should be free to present their argument in the open once the private channel doesn't result in anything. Sure, things went beyond the scope of a civilized discussion, but when the staffworthyness of someone is questioned time and time again, the public needs to be able to have input. In my personal opinion, there is way too much moderation, and way too little free speech on RTS-S.

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We all know Magyar is the best and IamMagic is  never going to be the best because he is noob that likes to make public drama so he presents himself like a witness . If Magic is best at some thing (at AoT certainly isn't), its he's ability to make fake drama and lie. 

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