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New God Chaos

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Hagrit, Loggy, Azarath, DaCodeDragon and I have created a new god using the left over models existing in the game.

The God is called Chaos.

Chaos is one of the first four (generally considered the first) of the eternal gods in greek mythology, the others being Gaia, Tartarus and Eros.

Chaos's Minor gods are

Classical Age:

Demeter and Nike

Heroic Age:

Metis and Pan

Mythic Age:

Tartarus and Arkantos

This new god has a new Eco System, Favor System, Military Units, Myth Units, God Powers, buildings, Upgrades and more.

We plan to have a Release/Stream of the God at 20 GMT Saturday on Hagrit's twitch channel.

https://www.twitch.tv/eel_hagrit (there is likely some streams on here of it being played early on if you're curious)

We will likely try to play some games with the God after his mechanics are explained so if any top players are interest to play just message me or Hagrit. At the moment this god will only be available on steam but if it's popular it's possible that we could bring it over to voobly too.

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