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Gaia 3:55 land rush with hunting dogs

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vill 1 eco guild, get hunting dogs, goes to gaia forest

vill 2 food (starting hunt near your tc)

vill 3 food (starting hunt)

switch wood villager to gold when you have 230 wood and build a manor with him

vill 4 food near town center (herdable/starting hunt)

vill 5 food near town center (herdable possibly depending on map)

build temple with your gold villager, then put him on herdables, then on gold when you finish the herdable

vill 6 wood

while advancing put 2 food 2 wood 2 gold (one of the gold is eating a herdable though)

get your eco upgrade, starting with hand axe.

after advancing build counter building and barracks atlantean and pump murmillo turma and push your opponent.

if you upped oceanus use carnivora on their hunt as soon as your are up to disrupt them


this strategy should be good on savannah, ghost lake, marsh, tundra cause you disrupt their economy and stop their forward hunt

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