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So how is Gaia on EE? And EE balance patches

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Sooo, i played EE last time when it was only launched and since then i played only on voobly.
I play Gaia only.

So how is Gaia on EE? Well in comparasion to Gaia on no-community patch-AOMTT (where she was, lets put it lightely, a terrible to god pick) and voobly 2.0 (where she is, well, somewhat okay, at least at medium skill level).
Or maybe she is even better here that at 2.0?

I played only a couple of games so far, so i cannot judge well for myself.

Well, any constructive comment is appresiated and "STOP play Gaia pick Oranos" is not constructivexD

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gaia and ra are god tier TG in EE.  leto is buffed here so spider lairs and automatons are a bit stronger. and its really easy to setup choke points with spider lairs and gaia forest. hero contarious are also a lot stronger on EE than they were on voobly. she's just overall better in TG''s than ora if u let her boom. which is easy to do as gaia in tg. u can easily hit a 13 minute implode while having full pop army on 3 tcs. she's a pretty popular pick. in 1v1 its a lot harder still though, but shes decent and definitely has some favorable matchups

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