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Oranos Standard 4:30 (Good for beginners)

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Hey all,

I am a 2000+ Extended Edition player by the name of clam_chowdah.  I am sharing with you a good strategy for Oranos, this strategy is particularly good if you are just starting in your AoM career.  This is a pretty simple guide to starting Oranos.  This is solely for land maps and not for water, but it can be done on any land map.

Build a granary with your starting villager then go to food (hunt>chickens>berries>goats/pigs) hunt is the best to start at

Buy Hunting Dogs as soon as the granary goes up(this drastically improves how fast your villagers gather food)

Next villager to food (got to bring in daaaa meat fam)

Next villager to wood

Next villager to gold + build a house when you get 25 gold

Next villager to food (preferably a different food source for example chickens or berries or ideally another hunt patch) 

As soon as you get 100 wood and 100 gold build a temple with your wood villager

Next villager to food

Next villager to food

Advance into Prometheus

While upgrading to Prometheus make sure to have 3-2-2 (3 on food 2 on wood and 2 on gold)

Buy Handaxe and Pickaxe at the granary 

As soon as you advance build a barracks and counter barracks with a gold or wood villager and then queue Prometheans, murmillo, and turma

Make sure to queue villagers again and send the next one to food then gold then wood

Attack with your army right away!!

Keep building up an army and destroy your opponents!


 Obviously there is a lot more to be said like what to do after the first 8 minutes of the match, but this is a good start if you are somewhat new and want to get exponentially better.  I made a quick tutorial for all my fellow visual learners at this link if you want to watch it in action!  If you want more advanced guides in the future or have any questions/comments, let me know! :P


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With regards to your first point, I have never tried that maybe it is better I have always done wood not gold to build it so I can spam early proms but it should be fine either way.  

The second point is spot on!  I even send that 7th villager right to gold in the video.  Thanks for the suggestions youngling <3.

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1 hour ago, Zaderos said:

what would you reccomend for gods in heroic and mythical?

Hey so I would recommend Theia in Heroic for the extra population with dryads.  Also Stymphalian Birds are great for raids, especially in teamgames and verse norse.  In mythic I almost always go Hekate for the tartarian gate which you want to use on the enemy back tc usually and away from the location you are pressuring.  You do this to pressure them and overwhelm them with essentially two different attacks at once and they will most likely not know how to respong properly.

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I often feel like vortex is somewhat underrated in 1x1. 

I play Ora neither well nor often, but I have seen pretty cool vortexes in 1x1 in the games of some high skilled voobly players

One of the best was when Ora flew with his army away from Zeus lighting storm.

Vortex is also sometimes better vs Gaia cause if the game is prolonged up to this point good Gaia should be protected from tartar with lush 

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12 hours ago, Victor said:

When should I go for medium upgrades on units? I often wonder when the best time for upgrades is, should you prioritize aging or armory/unit upgrades.

Get upgrades once you're about to commit in a key fight. But in general, when you have about a dozen units, getting med upgrade is very valuable.

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Hi, I'm bringing a way for even noob players to beat high level players. You just need to go up 4:30 and aq turma and murm. While the your army is demolishing any kind of resistance from the enemy, you should take some time to prepare mentally for all the flame you are going to get because you play oranos. Usually, when you demolish his expensive army a few times with your dirt cheap turmas, you can go on and take 3tc as there is no way they can counter it because you can just spam cheirobalista and kill everything from behind 2 barracks. Now that you have an even stronger economy than the already op oranos economy, you can go make some coffee while waiting a few minutes for enough resources to go mythic. Usually, if you're not that bad, you will still be mythic 2 or 3 minutes before your opponent reaches heroic. After that, you just need to aq units to his gold mine and build palaces everywhere on the map. With this strategy, you should be able to win a lot of players that would otherwise destroy you if you weren't playing oranos. I would say that the only downside to this strategy is the psychological factor. People will say "oranos no skill", "your god is retarded" and things like that but you can just counter them with easy comebacks like "no, oranos actually takes skill". Just don't admit that oranos actually takes 0 skill and you will make them ragequit. 

For me this strategy worked almost every time, i can now compete with top players even though im a mainstream noob, so everyone should try it too. Voobly needs more oranos players now than ever. 

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