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AoM God Images

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Hey there,

I made some images using the major god frame of AoM and the minor god pictures. Thus we can now speculate about what everyone of them as major god would grant to the players. Or just use the imagery as avatars, for modding or whatever. You might want to crop the images a bit, since there is some transparent space towards the borders.

At the end there are just the frames with no content and cropped, if you want to put in something else.


atty atlas.pngatty hekate.png

atty helios.pngatty hyperion.png

atty leto.pngatty okeanos.png

atty prometheus.pngatty rheia.png

atty theia.pngegy anubis.png

egy bast.pngegy hathor.png

egy horus.pngegy nephthys.png

egy osiris.pngegy ptah.png

egy sekmet.pngegy thoth.png

gre aphrodite.pnggre apollo.png

gre ares.pnggre athena.png

gre atremis.pnggre dio.png

gre hephaistos.pnggre hera.png

gre hermes.pngnorse baldr.png

norse bragi.pngnorse forseti.png

norse freyja.pngnorse heimdall.png

norse hel.pngnorse njord.png

norse skadi.pngnorse tyr.png

wild appollo.pngwild artemis.png

wild leto.pngwild rheia.png

wild theia.png



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  • Project Director

Oooh nice! China next maybe? :ph34r:


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