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Reducing Lag for Steam& Voobly

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So many units are on the map in RTS games and if you are using windows 10 you'll notice lategame FPS lag(on voobly in teamgames lategame) to the point where you can't move your screen properly. Here's how to fix that. Following this guide will greatly reduce lag for age of mythology the titans on voobly and age of mythology extended edition on steam.

Step 1. In your windows search type this: "Windows Defender"

Step 2. Navigate to the red circle with the number 1 on the image below.(Virus and threats protection)

Step 3. Navigate to Number 2 on the image below(Settings for virus and threat protection)


Step 4. Turn realtime protection OFF(Image below)



What realtime protection does is checking files every second for viruses, and it likes to do it a lot when you're playing games hence the heavy fps lag in the lategame in teamgames.

Important note: It turns itself back on after a few days. So before playing games make sure its turned off.

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