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Reducing Lag in Age of Mythology Extended Edition

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In this guide will be explained how to setup your Extended Edition in the most optimal way to reduce lag.



Step 1. Load up Age of Mythology Extended Edition. And click on the gear icon that has a red circle around it on the image below.


Step 2. In the graphics options menu turn everything off. And turn Shadow quality to off as well. (Vsync does not work in EE, and it doesn't matter how good your pc is, it'll lag multiplayer games hardcore if you leave these options on.)


Step 3.  Turn Play in Window on(A must if you want to stream EE, and overall lags less as well.) 

Step 4. Make sure Unlock Camera is OFF. I know many new players like  this feature but you'll be lagging the game because the game renders more units on your screen at once, and you wont be able to micro properly because its so far zoomed out.(Itll make you play worse in the long run.) And yes even if you have a good PC, do not use this feature.

Edit 2020-27-4: KEEP vsync ON!! they fixed it in the latest patch, it greatly improves performance.



For more ways how to reduce lag for voobly and extended edition(and any other game for PC.) go Here : 


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