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AoM Tournament Schedule Poll

AoM Tournament Schedule Poll  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. When should we run our AoM events?

    • Saturdays, 3 PM GMT start time. Same as now.
    • Saturdays, 2 PM GMT start time.
    • Sundays, 3 PM GMT start time.
    • Sundays, 2 PM GMT start time.

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  • Head Staff

Hi everyone,

We have noticed some feedback during the events that some of you are unable to participate in the Saturday events that we have been doing, and would like a change to Sundays. This is something we can arrange, but we'd like to get an idea about what the actual consensus is. 

Naturally, Sundays are a delicate time, as a work day follows, and most of us don't want to be up until very late given that situation. We are also taking steps to shorten events, such as handing over one of the semifinals to a community caster. In this poll, you can also vote for starting earlier.

Let us know in the comments if you have further thoughts!


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I often have plans on saturdays but very rarely on sundays, so I would prefer sunday for sure! If I'm playing in a final I don't mind if I lose a bit of sleep either. I think you should make sure north american players are okay with early hours first and foremost!

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Have the semi-finals played at the same time. Also, play the finals and 3rd place match at the same time. Stream the finals live. Have an alt caster for 3rd place, or have the 3rd place match played in secret, with no results available to public. Have one of the players send recs to a tourney admin, who then sends the recs to caster spoiler free. Then cast that match after the finals. This should save an hour~ of time for your finalists. The only drawback is a game needing a save/restore (and thus no rec), in which case you could have that 3rd-person admin possibly do a private recording of the match which could then be used during the actual cast.

Players are the greatest commodity, so it's best to cater to them as much as possible, especially for one day tourneys. A one day event already cuts down heavily on available players, and requiring finalists to stay 8+ hours is even more restrictive.

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  • Head Staff
On 7/20/2021 at 10:27 AM, snp4 said:

why not make it a 2 day event?

in the first place, why are we doing a 1 day tournament for a MONTHLY tour?

Availability of players is going to be limited if the players have to be there for 2 days. Some will make it, others will forfeit. One day events avoid it and make the hours spent a better investment for the money from the player PoV.

"Monthly" is meant to indicate the frequency of the tournament here. We simply aren't able to accommodate a long form format firstly due to our own availability (we cover 4 different games, and that list might grow in the future), as well as due to the limited prize pools (it's not worth it for players to drag it out given the prizes).

To even consider long form tournaments, we are really going to need the community's financial support. That would of course also open up other formats, such as group stages.


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