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Ruling Poll: Leader Bans


Ruling Poll: Leader Bans  

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  1. 1. What leader banning rules should we have in tournaments?

    • No Leader Bans
    • Voridus Globally Banned, No Player Bans
    • 2 Bans Per Player Per Series, No Global Bans
    • 1 Ban Per Player Per Map, No Global Bans
    • 1 Ban Per Player Per Map, Global Voridus Ban
    • 2 Bans Per Player Per Series, Global Voridus Ban

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  • Project Director

Hey everyone,

In the Spartan Trials tournament, we have seen not much variety regarding leader picks, and we were wondering if you folks would like to be able to ban certain leaders from a series.

Please vote and reply here about what change you would like to see to our rules regarding this, if any, and why.

We will be updating the next tournaments rules with the results here. The poll will run until Friday, July 1, so 2 days before the event.


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