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My little Hydra Guide

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Good Against: OdinIconThorIconKronosIconOranosIconGaiaIcon

Maps: High hunt, midgard, anatolia versus most civs :fruits_cherry:

Build order: 
5 food hunting dogs
3 wood
3 gold, 3rd villager builds house
all new villagers to food, get husbandry.
roughly 14 total to food and make temple with gold villager
advance through athena, or hermes if you get rushed.
switch 2 from wood to gold for a total of 5/6 on gold 
i'd suggest 12 food, 4 wood, 5/6 gold totals for advancing
get hand&pickaxe during advancement to classical age
make armory with wood villager.
send new villagers to food/gold, once gold gets close to 500 send the rest of the villagers to food, but do keep at least 5 villagers on gold
click heroic age through the hydra god. and put 4 villagers from gold to favor.
make 2 archery ranges and more houses, and new villagers in heroic age will go to food/wood depending on what you really need
rest of the details in the video itself!

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