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  • SpellForce 3 Meta Plays League Season 2 Announcement


    We are very pleased to announce Season 2 for our SpellForce 3 Tournament League!

    This season will be made up of the following tournaments:

    Meta Plays Monthly #2 $100 + Community Donations, Single Elimination - August 13 - One day event
    Meta Plays Monthly #3 - $100+ Community Donations, Single Elimination - September 11 - One day event
    Meta Plays Monthly #4 $100Community Donations, Single Elimination - September 18 to October 22 - Free Scheduling
    Meta Plays Monthly #5 - $100Community Donations, Single Elimination - October 30 to November 27 - Free Scheduling
    Season Finale - Heart of the Inferno Golem - $400+ Community Donations, GSL Group Stage - December 5 to December 18 - Free Scheduling

    Thanks to a massive $1000 donation, we have increased the prize pool from $50 monthlies and a $100 season finale to $100 monthlies and a $400 season finale! The next season will receive the same treatment. We are humbled by this contribution and will do our best to deliver a great season.

    We are also hosting separate low-level-only events, with a prize for the winner!
    These "Skirmish" Tournaments will be covered by community casters.

    Meta Plays Skirmish #1 - $10, Single Elimination - August 20 - One day event
    Meta Plays Skirmish #2$10, Single Elimination - September 18 to October 16 - Free Scheduling

    Why Return Now?

    When we launched season 1, we were banking on THQ Nordic's marketing efforts to help push the game to a wider audience. This marketing was delayed along with the console release, but recently a notable amount of effort has gone into spreading awareness of the game, and there's a significantly greater audience thanks to the console launches themselves.

    While the season 1 events will remain completely cancelled, we are going ahead with this brand new season, and intend to keep going so long as there is interest. Our budget will be smaller than planned for in Season 1, as we feel we first need to build up the scene slowly with consistent events - we are committed to doing this!

    How the Season Works

    Each Tournament we host will not only come with cash prizes, but also Meta Plays Ladder Points. These points go towards the corresponding ladder. Based on your position in the ladder, we assign you to a "Class" - one of D(lowest), C, B, A and S(highest). The classes give you a badge and will be featured on your Tournament Profile. By the time the Season Finale comes around, we will invite the top players based on the Ladder. Check out the Class icons below.


    The top 4 players will also receive medals corresponding with their final placement in each Tournament. While most are generic, Season Finale events will receive custom medals.


    For additional info, please check our Tournament and Ladder explainer posts!

    Give Us The Numbers

    Based on the number and quality of signed up players, we modify the number of total points that a tournament can provide. Our guidelines for this are below:

    • Base value: 10x Prize pool in USD (or monetary value in prizes).
    • For any class exclusion combination, remove 10% points per class removed.
      • S+A Class only tournaments are excluded from this ruling on a case-by-case basis.
    • The number of players in the tournaments will scale the points in the following way:
      • 4-8: -50%
      • 9-15: -25%
      • 16-23: no change
      • 24-31: +50%
      • 32-47: +75%
      • 48-64: +100%
    • You can review the point spread between player placements using our Tournament Point Calculator.

    Can I Host Tournaments Too?

    Yes! We are in fact looking for additional Content Partners that are willing to contribute to our Seasonal Ladders, or cover events that we may not be able to.
    You can apply as a content partner here.

    Can I Help Meta Plays Directly?

    For any of you looking to support our project, the best way to do so is becoming a subscriber on the websiteThis is a monthly recurring payment that you get perks and exclusive news for. The more goals we hit, the easier and safer it is for us to keep the project going.
    We are also currently looking for Moderators to join our team, so that we can keep our chats, discords and website a pleasant and friendly environment for all. You can apply here.

    Where To Watch

    We will live stream the main events on our Twitch, and VoDs will be available on our YouTube.
    Community casters will have access to cover any and all matches even live, since SpellForce 3 does not have a spectator limit.
    We also provide replay packs that may be used for replay casts or learning purposes.

    That is pretty much it! Let us know what you think in the comments below, join us on Discord for real-time chats, and we will see you on the battlefield!


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