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  • Meta Plays Launch Announcement


    Hey everyone, on behalf of the dev and staff team, I am super happy to announce Meta Plays' launch! We have been slowly getting bits and pieces done over the last 4 years. As you can imagine a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into the project, and there is much more to come. Our launch trailer is below. 

    We will support 4 games - Age of Mythology, Halo Wars 2, Starcraft II and Warcraft III, with tournaments being our primary content:

    • Several tournaments together will form seasons (we are aiming for 2 seasons / year)
    • As each tournament completes the players will:
      • Receive cash prizes
        • As part of our launch celebration, we are doing double prizes for Season 1!
      • Gain points towards each games' ladders
      • Earn medals and stats for their profile
    • Depending on your ladder position, you will be placed in a Class, ranging from D to S.
      • Class Split:
        • Total number of players required for S/A class to be full: X=Y*100/Z
        • S - Top Y=8 players by points. Expands for each draw by 1. Z=5 
        • A - Top Y=9-32 players by points. Expands for each draw by 1. Z=10
        • B - next Z= 25% of the player base. Expands for each draw by 1. 
        • C - next Z= 35% of the player base. Expands for each draw by 1.
        • D - the rest.
    • Final ladder placements of the top 4 will be highlighted permanently on the Hall of Fame page. This will be generated when we end the season.
    • Our ladder will be informing seeding decisions where it makes sense for us to do so, for example later on in the season.

    Each of the games will have their own schedule, but generally follow this convention:

    • Weekend days are tournament days - each event is 1 day, and we alternate between the games
      • Age of Mythology on Saturdays, every 3 weeks
      • Halo Wars 2 on Saturdays, every 3 weeks (the week after Age of Mythology)
      • StarCraft II on week days, every 3 weeks
      • Warcraft III on week days, every 3 weeks (the week after StarCraft II)
    • $300 open launch tournament to kick off the season in each game
    • $100 open mid-season tournaments x6
    • $300 invitational season finale (top 16? TBD)
    • Every third weekend will be a break to allow staff and players a rest
    • After each season we will take a 2 week break as well
    • No tournaments from mid-December to early January

    Feel free to sign up to our launch tournaments! Doing so is free - click the images below and the Sign Up button to register! 





    All our tournaments are entirely self-funded but we do accept contributions towards prize pools via donations, and we have Patreon goals to permanently increase the base values listed above.
    We are also looking for sponsors - please email us at metaplays.official@gmail.com for any queries.

    These tournaments will all be live streamed on our Twitch, but you will be able to catch up with VoDs on Youtube, too! Community casters are totally welcome to cover the games that are not, by the way! Please reach out to the Manager of each event.

    We will continue supporting the games with more seasons after our first, so long as participation and viewership are good. Additionally, we are also considering expanding to other games in the future. More on this soon.

    There is also more work coming up on the tournament system! Initially we will make quality of life improvements for hosts, and then move on to bigger items, such as Smurf Tournament support.
    For the site as a whole, achievements and leveling are coming soon via Invision's update (the software we use) - we plan to bring all sorts of cool achievement icons and the like to your profiles! Please let us know what you would like to see!

    Are you a Tournament Host?

    We are looking to partner with tournament hosts! Your events would contribute to our seasonal leaderboards, so long as you are willing to host via our site. Feel free to submit an application here.

    Are you a Warcraft III Caster?

    We are also looking for a Warcraft III caster to join our staff! Feel free to submit an application here.

    Lastly, a big thank you to the Age of Mythology community, who have tested out at the forums and downloads systems early on. This helped us better understand how to run the site and allowed us to make a lot of improvements.

    Before you go, make sure to check out our summaries for each games' first season: 
    Age of Mythology - Halo Wars 2 - StarCraft II - Warcraft III

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