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Zeus/Hades Alfheim/Watering hole build order

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now standard build order for zeus puts 5 hunter on food before putting on wood then gold but on alfheim/watering hole you dont start with mcuh hunt a lot of the time and it will run out so this becomes inefficient


this is alternate build order for these maps that should be more efficient and so your starting hunt can last longer

3 food ( starting hunt) get hunt dogs

2 wood

1 gold

3 food (2nd hunt source)

2 food (3rd hunt source)

next vill builds a house then goes to gold

1 wood


then now you can put villagers wherever you like depending on the situation. going cents? put more vills on wood. struggling on food cause u shoot the stupid animals 100 km away from granary? put on cow/sheep so you can advance in time and then you dont have to wrry as much about your starting hunt running out and then having to walk those starting food vills onto new hunt cause thats inefficient

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