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3 dock loki mediterranean build order

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image.jpeg.32e1cb228db43d51ba711362022d7b49.jpeg3 dock loki power

This build order is for the 3  dock loki strategy. you will be autoqueing longboats from all 3 docks. you advance a little later than other gods but you'll make up for it  by having 3 docks instead of 2, and you will be harassing the enemy woodline with hersirs.


Build order:

starting 2 gatherers +1 new gatherer to wood(along with the starting ox cart)
4 gatherers to pigs
build a dock with your ulfsark
autoque 6-8 fish ships
dwarf+ox cart+dwarf to gold
2 more to wood
dwarf to gold
1 gatherer to gold
1 dwarf to gold
2 gatherers to food
1 dwarf to gold
move gatherer from gold to wood
make ox cart and send the pig villagers to wood
when advancing your macro should look like this: 12 on wood, 5 on gold 6-8 on food(fishing ships)

make a hersir, and 2 more docks with ur ulfsark and hersir
autoque ships from all 3 docks in classic

you can go heimdall to undermine a gold tower/tower protecting the woodline of the enemy and harass the woodline. or you can get healing spring to heal your boats
if you lost sea or won sea make sure to turn boats off in time so you dont waste resources. a good trick to go heroic and mythic fast or get a big army fast after playing sea is switching most of your wood vills to food after taking your 2 side towncenters. dont make farms, use up all the pigs+hunt+berries and chicken that you have. a good army comp for water is mass ulfs with some throwing axeman. then you cast flaming weapons and autoque huskarls and battle boars to finish him off.

if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a reply:fool:

Example recorded game between magic and sensuy


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