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Poll: Meta Plays Halo Wars 2 Season 1 Champion


Who will be the Hall of Fame Champion?  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will be the Hall of Fame Champion?

    • Rockgeneration
    • Almirante
    • AAtrox
  2. 2. Who will win the Dawn of Decimus Tournament?

    • Rockgeneration
    • Almirante
    • AAtrox
    • EoD
    • Yodesla
    • Mar
    • Hechi
    • S1r L1am
    • P2Wscrub
    • Stormy
    • SGMgoodLuck
    • StarZz
    • Strike_8434

This poll is closed to new votes

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  • Project Director

As the Halo Wars 2 season is coming to its conclusion in the 500$ Dawn of Decimus tournament, I thought it would be fun to see your predictions on the season's champion!

Also can't go without giving @NeWYoRkLeGenD a massive shout-out for his 200$ contribution to the tournament! What a LeGenD.

There's 2 different types of champion based on how you look at it.

The Dawn of Decimus Tournament winner is one, and the #1 ladder finisher is the other - this may of course be the same person. Vote away!

Note: the ladder champion doesn't get a prize, all prizes are tournament-based - it's all about prestige!
The top 4 ladder players will be featured on the upcoming Hall of Fame page, however.

Current S Ladder Sandings Are As Follows:

  1. Rockgeneration: 2225 Points
  2. Almirante: 1813 Points
  3. AAtrox: 1412 Points
  4. EoD: 736 Points

Points to be won:

  1. 1366
  2. 1017
  3. 767
  4. 567

This immediately rules out EoD as the top finisher even if he wins the Dawn of Decimus event and Rockgeneration no shows.

AAtrox can still take the top spot if he wins the event, and if Rock doesn't make it into the tournament's top 4.

Almirante would need to win the event, with Rock needing to not make it to the finals.

Win Rates in Meta Plays Tournament Series:

Rock vs Almirante: 80%

Rock vs AAtrox: 66.6%

Almirante vs AAtrox: 83.3%

Win Rates in Meta Plays Tournament Games:

Rock vs Almirante: 66.6%

Rock vs AAtrox: 71.4%

Almirante vs AAtrox: 71.4%

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