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Psyalac vs Seanagone Bo 5


Thanks to @Psyalac for commissioning this showmatch!
Remember you can commission your own showmatch in our store!

The showmatch will take place on Friday, January 19th at 10 PM GMT.

Make sure to catch our live stream on your choice of platform: Twitch, YouTube, Kick, Trovo or LiveSpace!

But in case you can't make it, an edited YouTube VOD will be available.


  • Winner takes it all: $20 USD


  • First map is Rift.
  • Losing player each game picks next map. Each map may only be played once.
    • If all maps are used already, you may re-pick maps one time each.
  • Valid maps: Ashes, Badlands, Bedrock, Fissures, Frontier, Mirage, Rift, Vault.
  • No repeat leaders.
    • If all leaders are used already, you may re-pick leaders up to one time each.
  • No node strat - do not take nodes without the intent of killing Sentinels.
    • Exception: you can draw the Sentinels to attack an enemy minibase or units, and still capture the node.
    • Exception: Cannon Fodder can take nodes any way you want.
    • Players must use in-game chat or DMs to notify casters of the node-strat.
      • Casters will need to confirm for validity.
        • Mild cases of node strat will result in a warning (eg accidental retreats).
          • 3 warnings will result in a match loss.
        • Severe cases of node strat will result in a match loss (eg purposefully forced capture or cloak-based node strat). 
        • Resigning without admin permission will be counted as a loss.
  • 1 hour time limit.
    • If base and slot building count is even/very close, and neither player has a large army advantage, the game is a draw.
    • If one player has an army advantage, casters will send a final attack prompt. The outcome of this last attack determines whether a winner or a draw is called, based on the base/slot building count afterwards.
    • If one player has a clear base and slot building count advantage and their opponent is not in a position to even out the game with the next attack, the player with more slot buildings wins.
    • Replay match if the series ends on tie. The previous loser picks map in this case.
  • No cheating or intentional exploiting of any form allowed.


  • Alternating hosting between players.


  • Participants must be in the Meta Plays Discord for communication purposes.
  • Forfeiting/not showing up to the showmatch without notice will result in disqualification and you forfeiting the prizes.
    • 1 rescheduling opportunity is granted when external conditions force it. There will not be a second rescheduling.
    • Forfeiting players that break rules on any of our platforms, or do so out of malicious intent will not be considered for future showmatches.
  • Penalties for not showing up:
    • Timer starts when 1 player is ready and neither player is currently playing a match.
    • Late by over 10 minutes: opponent gains 1 match win.
      • This is the wait time BEFORE a series begins.
      • BETWEEN games in a series, the lateness limit is 5 minutes.
    • Late by additional 5 minutes: opponent gains 1 match win for each 5 min.
    • Once a player wins via lateness penalties, the late player is disqualified.
  • No harassment or discrimination of players/viewers/staff on any of our platforms.
    • You will be disqualified, forfeit of prizes in this event, and be permanently banned from all event participation
  • No excessively derogatory messaging targeting our staff on any platform.
    • This will result in a permanent ban on all Meta Plays platforms.
  • Win trading will result in forfeit. Do your best to win. You may resign if you are clearly losing.
  • No account sharing. You will be disqualified, forfeit of prizes in this event, and be permanently banned from all event participation. 


  • In the event of player lag disputes, players must submit speedtest results. The event manager will make a judgement call
  • In the event of a glitch where a building isn't building itself (the symbol preview never disappears):
    • Within the first 3 minutes of the game, the player must type into the game chat, or notify the casters in DMs.
      • Casters will need to confirm for validity.
        • If the glitch is verified, an admin restart will be issued.
        • If the glitch is not verified, the game should continue.
          • Resigning without admin permission will be counted as a loss.
  • In the event of a disconnection or crash:
    • If the game was relatively even:
      • If all parties crash, re-play the game.
      • The game doesn't count for score in the first instance. The player who didn't disconnect may choose a new map, and both players may choose a new leader.
      • In the second instance, the player who didn't disconnect receives a point on the score board.
      • In the third instance, the player who didn't disconnect wins the series.
        • If both sides crash 3 times, reset PC/Xbox and internet.
    • If a player was significantly ahead:
      • Admin win is awarded for the match for all cases.
      • In the third instance, the player who didn't disconnect wins the series.
    • Johnson/Jerome crash
      • The Johnson/Jerome player loses.
      • In the event of both players causing a crash, we will treat this case as a disconnect and follow rules around them.


  • You will be paid approximately 2-5 work days after the event.
  • Please reach out to @Nakamura with your payment information after the event. 
    • If you do not provide payment information despite requests within 60 days after the event, you forfeit the prize money.
    • You confirm that the account you provide is owned by you. We do not take responsibility for funds getting lost to third parties in the event of the account not belonging to you. We will not pay out to a known third party.
  • We can pay out via bank transfers or PayPal. We do not pay out via other methods.
  • We do not pay extra to cover transfer fees.


  • Players:
    • You may stream all of your own matches.
    • You are required to feature the provided Meta Plays Logo over gameplay at all times.
    • We request you give Meta Plays one shout-out mid-commentary, such as an invitation to make an account on the site.

    1st Place: Apexsean

    2nd Place: Psyalac

Apexsean Wins
Psyalac Wins
Psyalac Wins
Apexsean Wins
Apexsean Wins

Start Date: 01/19/2024 10:00 PM Series Size: 5 Winners Prize: 20 Runnerup Prize: 0 Team Size: 1 Showmatch Formats: Normal Format Media Labels: None Use Custom Award Icons?: No Showmatch Status: finished

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