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    Hey subscribers!

    In this post, we will be sharing an update about our game support, our finances, and near-future plans.

    Website Subscription Buffs

    We felt that we could do more for our subscribers, for less - and so recently we have made the following changes:

    • All new subscriptions now have a 50% discount for your first month.
    • Tier 5 pricing: $49.99 -> $24.99. 
    • Tier 6 pricing: $99.99-> $49.99.
    • Tier 2 and above gain "Twitch raid priority" - previously a tier 4 and above perk.
    • Tier 4 and above gain "request promo showmatch participants"
    • Tier 5: perk changed from "Guide rules for a low-rank tournament" to "Request a podcast topic".
    • Tier 6: perk changed from a showmatch commission to a game session with our staff - but in addition to a coaching session, rather than being an either/or choice.

    For those currently subscribed, we've also got a $10 coupon that you can use on checkout - use code: METAPLAYS. This will be active until May 31st. This can be used on both Subscriptions and Showmatches! Make sure to remember about your code, and to collect your new perks!

    New affiliate: Razer!

    Feel free to use our link to support Meta Plays at no extra cost while shopping the Razer store.


    In the last few months we have put significant effort into looking for sponsorships, and have had some success with the usual kind of game activation-based ones, for the moment our search for significant deals continues. We have however made some strides in gathering up some major brands to affiliate with - at the very least we will be able to have a solid roster of reflinks very soon, such as Razer below.

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