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Meta Plays Monthly #3

  • Start Date: 08/11/2021 03:00 PM Tournament Ladders: 1v1 Permitted Classes: S Class, A Class, B Class, C Class, D Class Tournament Point Value: 1500 Player/Team Limit: 32 Team Size: 1 Tournament Formats: Single Elimination Tournament Status: under review Use Custom Award Icons?: No Use Custom Seeding?: Yes Invitational Tournament: No Media Labels: Yes

The fourth tournament for Season 1 in StarCraft II! $100 and 1500 ladder points are up for grabs in this open, Single Elimination event.

Starting on Wednesday, August 11 at 3 PM GMT.

Please note this is a ONE DAY EVENT. You must complete the tournament in 1 sitting. The event might take 6+ hours. Make sure you have enough time before you sign up.

The total amount of tournament points is subject to change based on sign ups.

@StriKeR is the manager for this tournament. For any questions, concerns or requests, please reach out to him on Discord, or @ him in the comments here (if not urgent).


  • 1st place: $40 / 264 Meta Plays Ladder Points / standard gold medal icon
  • 2nd place: $30 / 194 Meta Plays Ladder Points / standard silver medal icon
  • 3rd place: $20 / 144 Meta Plays Ladder Points / standard bronze medal icon 
  • 4th place: $10 / 104 Meta Plays Ladder Points / standard copper medal icon
  • 5-8th place: 41 Meta Plays Ladder Points
  • 9-16th place: 19 Meta Plays Ladder Points


  • First map per round is defined in the bracket.
  • Losing player each game picks next map. Each map may only be played once.
  • Valid maps: 2000 Atomespheres LE, Becket Industries LE, Blackburn LE, Jagannatha LE, Lightshade LE, Oxide LE, Romanticide LE
  • No cheating of any form allowed.


  • Games will be hosted by the higher seeded player when staff is not present.
  • Casters will host if they are present. Do not invite casters. They will invite you.
  • Recommended server is EU. Players located in other regions are welcome to join.
  • In case of dispute around what server to use, refer to the Default Server Cross-Table


  • Participants must be in the Meta Plays Discord. Report match results there, with replays.
  • /Join Meta Plays in game
  • Forfeiting/not showing up to any match with prizes will result in disqualification and you forfeiting the prizes.
  • Forfeiting players that break rules on any of our platforms, or do so out of malicious intent will be banned from the next event.
  • Repeat offenders will receive a ban from the entire season. There will not be a fourth chance after the season-long ban expires.
  • Not showing up = late by over 15 minutes.
  • No harassment or discrimination of players/viewers/staff on any of our platforms. You will be disqualified, forfeit of prizes in this event, and be permanently banned from all event participation. 
  • Do not sign up with smurfs. Match all account usernames. We will remove suspicious sign-ups.
  • No account sharing. You will be disqualified, forfeit of prizes in this event, and be permanently banned from all event participation. 
  • You may stream your own matches, but a minimum of 2 minutes of delay is required. Streaming without delay results in a forfeit.
  • Third party casters may stream matches that aren't marked to be covered by Meta Plays. Please contact our manager for this event for approval. 2 minute delay is required.
  • If you are streaming our event, please consider giving us a shout-out or two, and sharing the next tournament with your community. This is optional, but we would return the favor.


  • You will be paid approximately 2-5 work days after the event. 
  • Please reach out to @Nakamura with your payment information after the event. 
  • If you do not provide payment information despite requests within 60 days after the event, you forfeit the prize money.
  • We recommend bank payments as there are likely fewer fees.
  • Paypal is a valid alternative that we support.
  • We do not pay out via other methods.

Your tournament is pending approval. Please wait while the staff team is reviewing your tournament. Editing your tournament will restart this process.

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