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  • Website Features Update - Achievements, Showmatches, Replay Packs!


    Hey everyone,

    In the time since launch we have been hard at work on running the tournaments, as well as some minor tournament system improvements (e.g. GSL-style group stages now support byes), but let's talk about the new stuff instead!

    Achievements & Leveling

    As part of the latest Invision update (this is the suite the site uses), we are now able to create a profile leveling and achievement system.

    Our take on this is to have this feel like a game's progression system - most common actions will be giving you XP and increase your progress towards achievements. Each profile level and achievement tier will come with a unique badge created by @PF2K that will be featured in your profile and on the front page like so:


    Here is a preview of the badges you can unlock (tournament ones are a preview, these are coming in the future).


    You can expand the spoiler below to reveal the precise details regarding the unlock criteria and XP values.

    Level 1 0 XP
    Level 2 10 XP
    Level 3 50 XP
    Level 4 100 XP
    Level 5 250 XP
    Level 6 500 XP
    Level 7 1000 XP
    Level 8 2000 XP
    Level 9 5000 XP
    Level 10 7500 XP
    Level 11 10000 XP
    Level 12 20000 XP
    Level 13 30000 XP
    Level 14 40000 XP
    Level 15 50000 XP
    Level 16 60000 XP
    Level 17 70000 XP
    Level 18 80000 XP
    Level 19 90000 XP
    Level 20 100000 XP


    Achievement Actions (and the text on hover):

    • Concurrent Log Ins:
      • 2 days in a row:  5 XP --> How do logs sleep? They slumber.
      • 7 days in a row: 10 XP --> A log was lying to a lumberjack, but they saw right through it...
      • 30 days in a row: 50 XP --> Captain's log: "My work is cut out for me..."
      • 365 days in a row: 1000 XP --> What did the log say to the ashes? "You're fired."
    • Comments:
      • 1st: 5 XP --> I think we're just getting started.
      • 10th: 10 XP --> Commontator
      • 100th: 100 XP --> Comment Commander
      • 1000th: 1000 XP --> There's more where that came from.
    • New Topics:
      • 1st: 50 XP --> Hell, it's about time.
      • 10th: 100 XP --> Hanging on by a thread.
      • 100th: 1000 XP --> Threading carefully.
      • 1000th: 5000 XP -> Thread level: Critical.
    • Reactions:
      • 1st: 1 XP --> Reactive Material
      • 10th: 10 XP --> Prototype Reactor
      • 100th: 100 XP --> Fission Reactor
      • 1000th: 1000 XP --> Fusion Reactor
    • New Guide Topics:
      • 1st: 100 XP --> Hey, read this!
      • 2nd: 200 XP --> Read this too!
      • 5th: 2000 XP --> Anyone got some ink?
      • 10th: 10000 XP --> Stay a while and listen.
    • New Replay Packs:
      • 1st: 100 XP --> Watch me.
      • 2nd: 200 XP --> Enjoy the victories I have won here.
      • 5th: 2000 XP --> Pay close attention, maybe you'll learn something.
      • 10th: 10000 XP --> Bask in my glory.
    • New Mods:
      • 1st: 100 XP --> Modding Novice
      • 2nd: 200 XP --> Modding Adept
      • 5th: 2000 XP --> Modding Expert
      • 10th: 10000 XP --> Modding Master
    • Recieved Reactions:
      • 1st: 1 XP -> I've been noticed!
      • 10th: 10 XP -> So. Many. Reactions.
      • 100th: 100 XP -> So I'm popular now.
      • 1000th: 1000 XP -> Keep the paparazzis off of me.
    • New Polls:
      • 1st: 50 XP -> Poll me.
      • 10th: 100 XP -> Poll me closer.
      • 100th: 1000 XP -> Marco Pollo
      • 1000th: 5000 XP -> APollo
    • Donations:
      • Level 1 Donators: 1000 XP --> Donation Novice
      • Level 2-3 Donators: 1500 XP --> Donation Student
      • Level 4 - 6 Donators: 2000 XP --> Donation Adept
      • Level 7-9 Donators: 3000 XP --> Donation Expert
      • Level 10-12 Donators: 5000 XP -> Donation Master
      • Level 12+ Donators: 10000 XP -> Donation Grand Master
    • Showmatch Benefactors:
      • Minor: 1500 XP -> Fight for me.
      • Basic: 2000 XP -> Go forth, my champions.
      • Major: 3000 XP -> Enjoy the games, plebians.
      • Premier: 5000 XP -> Welcome to my arena.
    • Patreon:
      • Level 1-3: 500XP -> Patron
      • Level 4-6: 1000 XP -> Grim Patron
      • Level 7: 2000 XP -> Grand Patron
      • Level 8: 5000 XP -> Grand Master Patron
      • Level 9: 10000 XP -> Divine Patron
      • Level 10: 20000 XP -> Pillar of Patronage
    • One-off  Achievements:
      • Join a Clan: 100 XP --> Part of Something Greater.
      • Create a Clan: 1000 XP --> No my child, we already have a Clan at home.
      • Subscribe on the site: 250 XP --> Is this the subscribe button?

    Showmatch Store

    In addition to tournaments, we also will have a showmatch offering from now on. These will be commission options that you can purchase in our store. 100% of funds will go to players directly. We're doing 4 tiers from $25 (Bo 3) to $200 (Bo 9). 

    All those commissioning showmatches will be placed in the matching "Showmatch Benefactor" group, which come with the same perks as our Subscribers. Except these perks are for life!

    Additionally, Patrons at the highest levels will receive a free $50 or $100 or $200 showmatch commission (at the $250, $500 and $750 levels respectively).


    Halo Wars 2 example:


    Replay Packs

    We have added downloads categories and portal panels for each game supporting replays, and have also submitted replay packs for our AoM and SC2 tournaments.

    Furthermore, we are unfortunately cutting support for Age of Mythology replay embedding. Single match uploads are no longer commonly used functionality, and with the rise of Twitch streaming in the last few years, we believe that replay packs are the only "wanted" format going forward.

    These will make it easier for those looking to do detailed learning from replays, giving access to a large batch of examples with a single download, rather than having to hunt for several, and managing folders manually.

    Keep your eyes on the Home Page / Game Portal widgets for replay packs! image.png.9fa7580e48679373866b7d9dc350999a.png

    Twitch Affiliate

    We made it to Twitch Affiliate as quickly as possible (7 streams), thanks to you! In fact, during the Halo Wars 2 stream after this unlock, you subbed and gifted so much that we are almost at the affiliate emote limit already!
    Sub/bit emotes, bit/sub badges, channel points, predictions & more will be available from now on! 


    Patreon Changes

    We have noticed that people seem to prefer using other options to support us, such as donations/subscriptions during live streams or on the site - and so are taking steps to make Patreon a more attractive option.

    As a reminder:

    • Twitch revenue goes to staff
    • Patreon revenue goes to tournaments
    • Donations are a mix.

    We envision Patreon to be the main way to grow the tournaments in the long run.

    The site now has several links to Patreon - the social buttons, the header menu, and in the banner buttons.

    Regarding the Patreon tiers themselves, we have made changes to the most as mentioned before - offering free showmatch tokens, as well as site subscriptions as perks. Furthermore, we are shifting down some of benefits by several tiers.

    The goals have been reduced in number and  also made more concise for an easy overview. Have a look:


    Status Updates:

    We enabled a status update panel on the front page, feel free to share what's on your mind!


    Future Features in the Future, from the Future:

    Next up, we will be working on a show match system - something not too dissimilar to our tournament system. Stay tuned!

    Also let us know what you would like to see from us next in the replies below.

    That's all for now, we'll see you on the battlefield!



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